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Hi I have a problem with your 4.3.4 vip gold edition, when I want to start the world server, it asks me for a license?

Where do I get it, I mean I am vip gold, so I should have access to it right?
I'm back & Secretly working on a bugtracker slash automated testing for blizzlike community.
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VIP License validation has failed today and I can't regenerate a new one until August. I've tried to reenter the license key multiple times for it to just keep saying it has failed. Can this be reset or do I have to wait until August to get a new one?

Thanks in advance.
PM answered :)
Request license but the new 14 server says invalid license key. tried entering several times connected to the internet. can someone help me with my account. thanks what can i do icant load the server without my registration key since its not working and cant request a new one
Same Problem today..
PMS are sent :)
hi add me on discord i can help you PropheT#9498
i can get you cataclysm full fix
hya, just got it working, its a simple web page but works!
i can get you simple web
Long time no see <3
Mr. Satan
Mr. Satan
Don't think you've been here for a while, especially since the forum change which was maybe half a year now, so definitely been a long time
HI. I sent yesterday to ExO;
Hi ExO. Yesterday I used new key for V14, but today given error ( check the picture pls ). Could you help me about key please. Thx, best.
I think he is busy. Should I wait him, or could you help me abut that please ? Thx. Best
I always try to reply to all PM's as fast as possible. Thanks for your patience ❤
tienes la web para registrarte.

y el realmlist :

set realmlist

Esta en español todo el server y es el servidor de wow 4.3.4 mas estable y fijado .
Mate, I sent you a PM for my gold vip status ;) let me know if everything's ok