[NEW VERSION] 4.3.4 Blizzlike Cataclysm - v.7 - [EmuCoach Official Cataclysm Repack]




PASSWORD FOR THE RAR: Emucoach.com,FreeVersion

PASSWORD FOR THE RAR: Emucoach.com,FreeVersion


Description of this thread:
A dedicated WoW Cataclysm repack delivered by EmuCoach.
Offering a well-scripted Cata 4.3.4 Repack with fixed starting zones (Worgen & Goblin included) and Catalcysm dungeons.
Download above and enjoy our World of Warcraft Cataclysm 4.3.4 Repack for WoW Private Servers (4.3.4)


Tutorial on how to make this repack public:

Tutorial on how to set this repack up with Hamachi:

You can now contribute to the project with database fixes, and you may even be rewarded for your work! It can be anything from quality ranks to real money!:

Want to get access to the latest versions with much more fixed? Get VIP and download our VIP Cataclysm Repack!

You can donate here:

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Lets reach Project Blizzlike, together!


Provided & delivered the WoW 4.3.4 Cataclysm Repack by Emucoach.com

If you have a Mini-Client of Cataclysm, we now offer a fix, in case you experience errors - Cannot Stream required archive Data / WoW Error 134

What is a Cataclysm Repack?
A Cataclysm Repack is pre-compiled binaries of our scripted core, where you can easily launch a Cataclysm Server just by downloading this EmuCoach Cataclysm Repack.
This Emucoach Repack is a Cataclysm Repack provided for patch 4.3.4. It is built for the game: World of Warcraft (Cataclysm) particularly, and thousands of hours of work have been inserted to this.

By default, the other Cataclysm repacks are very poor in quality, but not at Emucoach. We wanted to offer a Cataclysm Repack (4.3.4) that finally works well, without many bugs/issues, and a working and scripted goblin/worgen zone, which we managed to achieve.

Our Cata Repack has a long history, where our first 4.3.4 Cata Repack was released in 2014, and since then, we have provided new World of Warcraft Cataclysm versions/releases with tons of new fixes and new features, both for free and also on our VIP.
Our Cataclysm Repack has playerbots on our VIP Version, if you wish to play solo with bots in dungeons, raids and questing. Our free Cataclysm Repack does not provide playerbots, but is also the most stable (and free) Cataclysm Repack, offered on the market.

Our Cataclysm Repack runs for game client: World of Warcraft Cataclysm 4.3.4 (15595) and have been worked on by many dedicated developers in order to achieve a decent Blizzlike Cataclysm Repack. We hope you will find our Cata 4.3.4 Repack easy and fun to use!

Want to play on an existing server instead? Find a list of Cataclysm Private Servers here.

We also hope you will enjoy our Cataclysm Repack provided by Emucoach, and if you have any questions or need support for our Cata 4.3.4 Repack, you can always ask in this thread.

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If you only need the world db and not whole the mysql folder you can download it by clicking here
Remember to download the release folder though, so you can get the core fixes from the worldserver.exe

Emucoach Repack v.2.0 - Changelog

Before you read this changelog, be aware of that some changes may be listed zone-wise or random.
Meaning they were not specified, yet fixed through a bug report.

-- Random Quest Fixes --

- Fixed the quest - Details of the Attack, the object "Bloodsail Charts was missing" & Same with "Bloodsail Orders" but it also lacked the loot.
- Free our Sisters (Still not working 100% though):
- Fixed Quest - A Giant's Feast, it was missing the items in the vendor options and therefor the quest wasn't possible to complete.
- The quest (The Goblin Braintrust) now works.
- Quest - Harvest Watcher now drops the quest item "Harvest Watcher Heart"
- Fixed quest - http://www.wowhead.com/quest=9759/ending-their-world
- "The Truth Shall Set us Free" - Quest was broken, nothing happened when you clicked the quest item. - Fixed.
- "A fall from Grace" - Quest now works properly.
- Fixed quest - http://www.wowhead.com/quest=4134/lo...derbrew-recipe
- Fixed quest - http://www.wowhead.com/quest=176/wanted-hogger
- The quest (The Goblin Braintrust) now works.
- Fixed Robbing Hoods quest (Creature was having a wrong faction so you could not kill it)
- Additional quest fixes all around the world.

-- Item Fixes --

- [Insignia of the Corrupted Mind] were proccing too often (every 2-3 seconds)
- Fixed [Lightweave Embroidery] (Thanks to Hyqxyz)
- Fix for - [Darkglow Embriodery] [Tailoring] it doesn't have a cooldown, but it should have a 60 seconds cooldown. (Thanks to Hyqxyz)
- [Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps] tentacles will now cast spells [Fixed] (Thanks to Ayiko)
- Fixed - Mage T13 2P Bonus (Haste Rating) (Thanks to Hyqxyz)
- Fixed - Warlock T13 4P Bonus [Soulburn] (Thanks to Hyqxyz)
- Fixed - Death Knight T13 Blood 2P Bonus (Thanks to Hyqxyz)
- Fixed - Paladin T13 Retribution 2P Bonus [Judgement] (Thanks to Hyqxyz)
- Fixed - Warrior T13 Protection 4P Bonus [Shield Wall]
- Fixed - Warrior T13 Arms and Fury 4P Bonus [Colossus Smash]
- Fixed - Shaman T13 Restoration 2P Bonus [Mana Tide Totem]
- Fixed - haman T13 Restoration 4P Bonus [Spiritwalker's Grace]
- Fixed - Priest T12 Healer 2P Bonus (Thanks to Hyqxyz)
- Fixed - Balance druid T12 2set bonus bug (Thanks to Ayiko)

-- Zone Fixes --

Random Zones
- Many quest fixes in Westfall
- Many quest fixes in Hyjal
- Many quest fixes in Duskwood
- Multiple quest fixes in Elwynn Forrest
- Multiple fixes in Durotar
- Multiple Quest Fixes in Twillight Highlands.

Additional Fixes in Kezan (Goblin Starting Zone)
- Temporary Quest fixes
- Questline working up-until Lost Isles

Complete Touch-up on the Mulgore Zone
- Added missing waypoints to NPC's
- Added missing spells to trainers
- Changed some NPC factions
- Questline/Quests cleaned up - 99% quests working
- Removed ALL object/NPC duplicates
- Additional SAI scripting Fixes
- Factions set according to blizzlike

Random NPC/Spawn corrections
- Correction to the NPC spawns in all races starter zones.
- It is no longer possible to exchange Valor Points for Conquest Points from the NPC Gunra in Orgrimmar.
- Removed "Murloc Lurker" from the ship in the zone - The Riptide in Booty Bay, they aren't supposed to be spawned there.
- Same with "Prowler" & "Cow"
- Added creature "Kadu - Exodar Quartermaster - was missing.
- Uldum were swarmed with Template NPCs with blue dragonflight skins. ("Temp NPC") They are all removed now. (This also results in creature table size being lowered slightly.)

-- Spell Fixes --

- Temporary fix on Mirror Image (it's now attacking the target), still not working 100%.
- Solved an issue with [Disarm] and [Bladestorm].
- [Fear] and similar spells has been worked on.
- Some fixes wih [haunt] heals.
- Fixed a priest (Holy) spell.
- Fixed [Chakra] spell stacking.
- Fixed Talent - http://wod.wowhead.com/spell=159362/blood-craze
- Fixed an issue with priest's shield.
- Druid - [Lifebloom] fix.
- [Blink] now works when you are nearby water, or in the water already.
- You can not stack [Blessing of Kings] and [Blessing of Might] any more. (If applied by yourself)

-- Creature Fixes --

- Fixed Lesser Scorching Totem. #TC
- Ravaged Dire Wolf were attackable while being dead - fixed.
- General Marcus Jonathan was aggressive
- Fixed the faction with Chief Bombgineer.
- Morta'gya the Keeper is now attackable (was friendly before)
- Creature "Chief Miranda" was friendly instead of hostile - fixed.
- Creature "Chief Esquivel" was friendly instead of hostile - fixed.
- Creature "Chief Gaulus" was friendly instead of hostile - fixed.
- Fixed a faction issue with "Robbing Hoods" quest.

Creature Duplication Fixes:
- Insane Ghoul was spawned twice - fixed.
- Watcher Bukouris was spawned twice - fixed.
- Been reducing guards as there were way too many, in dwarf & gnome zone.
- Bellygrub was spawned a few time (now fixed)
- Creature Yowler was doube spawned (now fixed)
- Master Digger was double spawned (now fixed)
- Fixed a lot of other creature spawns in westfall (we speak about huge amounts so I wont list them)
- In Wetlands there were way too many "Ebon Whelps", which is now solved.
- In Arathi Highlands "Lolo the Lookout" was duplicate spawned - solved. - Same with "First Mate Nilzlix"
- A lot of Boulderfist Brutes were also duplicate spawned, which is now solved.
- Same with "Cresting Exile" & "Highland Strider"
- Ironjaw Behemoth was duplicated x3 (now fixed)
- Dupes deleted. (Thanks to Ayiko)
- Fixes with Kil'sorrow Fortress, missing spawns, visual effects and scripts. #TC
- Guards in Coldridge Valley were duplication spawned (some of them)
- Rockjaw Raiders were also duplicate spawned in Coldridge Pass

- Some duplicate fixes with "Bloodscalp Beastmaster", "Bloodscalp Scout", "Bloodscalp Mystic", "Bloodscalp Berserker",
"Bloodscalp Headhunter", "Bloodscalp Witch Doctor", "Kurzen Medicine Man", "Kurzen Jungle Fighter", "Kurzen War Tiger",
"Kurzen Headshrinker" "Snapjaw Crocolisk", "Venture Co. Geologist", "Mosh'Ogg Warmonger", "Mosh'Ogg Shaman', "Mosh'Ogg
Spellcrafter & "Mosh'Ogg" Mauler" & "Witch Doctor Unbagwa" in STV.

- Fixed a lot of duplicate spawns in Azshara: "Thunderhead Hippogryph", "Mosshoof Courser", "Blackmaw Warrior", "Blackmaw
Pathfinder", "Blackmaw Shaman", "Talrendis Ambassador", "Apprentice Illuminator", "Apprentice Investigator", "Legashi
Rogue", "Mistwing Ravager", "Twilight Dragon Hunter", "Coreshell Lurker", "Makrinni Snapclaw" & "Vile Splash"

- Fixed a lot of duplicate spawns in Ashenvale: "Emeraldon Oracle", "Emeraldon Boughguard", "Shadowhorn Stag", "Wildthorn
Venomspitter", "Roaming Felguard", "Searing Infernal", "Rotting Slime", "Servered Keeper", "Servered Druid", "Ghostpaw
Alpha", "Foulweald Totemic", "Foulweald Warrior", "Enraged Foulweald", "Lava Rager", "Blink Dragon", "Withered Ancient",
"Crazed Ancient", "Astranaar Officer", "Astranaar Skirmisher", "Thistlefur Shaman", "Thistlefur Pathfinder", "Thistlefur
Avenger", "Thistlefur Warrior", Thistlefur Wise One", "Forsaken Herbalist", "Forsaken Thug", "Claterring Crawler",
"Wraithtail Wave Rider", "wraithtail Sorceress", "Shimmershell Snall", "Spined Crawler", "Mystlash Hydra", "Tendril from
Below", "Lesser Felguard" & "Felslayer"

- Fixed some duplicate spawns in Desolace: "Dying Kodo" & "Rejuvenated Thunder Lizard"

- Fixed a lot of duplicate spawns in Uldum: "Wild Camel", "Sand Serpent", "Ethernal Protector", "Furious Specter",
"Armadillo", "Shaggy Desert Coyote", "Immortal Colossus", "Neferset Champion", Ramkahen Legionnaire", "Tol'vir Merchant",
"Neferset Armorer", "Nerfset Scryer", "Neferset Looter" & "Raider Lord Havat"

- Fixed a lot of duplicate spawns in the Tanaris: "Centipaar Tunneler", "Centipaar Sandreaver", "Centipaar Worker",
"Centipaar Wasp", "Dunemaul Brute", "Dunemaul Ogre Mage", "Dunemaul Enforcer", "Wastewander Tracker", "Wastewander
Survivalist", "Hazzali Swarmer", "Hazzali Worker", "Hazzali Stinger". "Hazzali Sandreaver", ""Glasshide Gazer", "Rabid
Blisterpaw", "Southsea Musketeer", "Southsea Strongarm", "Rental Shredder", "Sotuhsea Swashbuckler", "Southsea Pirate",
"Covert Ops Hardsuit", "Southsea Kidnapper", "Bilgewater Battlebruiser", "Fire Roc", "Blisterpaw Hyena", "duneclaw
Lasher", "Duneclaw Matriarch", "Blisterpaw Hyena", "Glasshide Basillisk", "O'Reily" & "Tidal Drive"

- Fixed duplicate spawns in the Thousand Needles: "Needlespine Cobra", "Scorpid Cliffcrawler", "NeedleSpine Shimmerback",
"Venomous Cloud Serpent", "Cloud Serpent", "Grimtotem Reaver", "Grimtotem Stomper", "Grimtotem Geomancer", "Grimtotem Invader" & "Aerie Ace"

- Fixed duplicate spawns in the Barrens (Southern, Northern etc): "Thunderhead", "Plains Pridermane", "Stormsnout",
"Towering Plainstrider", "Lashvine", ""Uncontrolled Growth", "Outgrowth", "Sunscale Screecher", "Lost Barrens Kodo",
"Kolkar Bloodcharger", "Savannah Prowler", "Barrens Giraffe", "Grazing Zhevra", "Sunscale Scytheclaw"

We also ran a query that fixed over 255 THOUSAND of duplicates!

-- Dungeon & Raid Fixes --

Raid - Firelands
- Entrance is now fixed. You can now go in and out of the raid.
- Fixes with Lord Rhyolith.

Raid - Blackwing Descent
- Chimaeron had invalid drop chances of multiple items. - Fixed
- Omnotron Defense System - (Arcanotron) was missing some loot & drop chances. - Fixed
- Same thing with the boss "Electron"
- Pyrecraw, Ivoroc and Maimgor is now spawned. (Thanks to Ayiko)

Dungeon - Well of Eternity (beta)
- Multiple creature_text fixes.
- Faction fixes.
- Model fixes.
- Achievement fixes
- Creature spell fixes.
- Additional bosses scripted in Well of Eternity. (Beta)

- Fixed some script errors with bloodboil and fel rages in the Black Temple.
- Some creature text fixes in The Vortex Pinnacle.
- You can now enter Deadmines on level 10 instead of 85.
- The bosses in Trial Of The Crusader was spawning too quickly - fixed.
- Some fixes with Eye of Eternity (Bosses & Spawns)
- Fixed the ICC runes
- Molten Core - The creature Molten Destroyer now only drops Narian's Scrying Goggles if you have the quest. Same with Lava Annihilator & Ancient Core Hound & Firelord & Lava Surger.
- Fixed some ICC platforms and added some missing objects.
- Fixes with Grim Batol (Creatures & Boss scripts)
- Dragonsoul fixes, scripting & some random fixes.
- Scripted two bosses in Stonecore.
- Various low level dungeons cleaned up.

-- General Fixes --

- Since patch 4.0.1, hunters can track multiple creature types at once. #TC
- The 37167 npcs do not offer gossip to validate the credit and quest npc 37171 a pop for them. - Fixed (Thanks to Sadpk)
- The 37171 npcs do not have SAI simulating that they escape. - Fixed (Thanks to Sadpk)
- Fixed some creature text fixes in random places.
- Lots of mising npcs in world missing - added.
- Fixed some vendors, (some were missing items).
- Fixed Crowley's Horse (In Gilneas) crash that was also reported on the forums.
- Rockjaw Invader had a questiomark over it, even though you didn't have any quest - fixed now.
- Fixed a lot of missing minning spawns (specially in the cata zones)
- Fixed a lot of missing herb spawns (specially in the cata zones)
- Loot fixes in Darkmoon Island.
- Some game object fixes.
- Fixed some dberrors with objects
- Fixed some issues with Wintergrasp npc spawns
- Fixed some general things in Molten Front. + boss scripting
- Fixed a memory leak.
- Fixed pet leveling (Beta)
- Fixed an issue with pets getting dismissed sometimes. (Beta)
- Doomguard pet isn't casting shadow bolts and he does melee instead. [Fixed] (Thanks to Ayiko)
- Fixed an opcode issue, the opcode value was wrong.
- Fixed an opcode.
- Fixed a quite huge bank exploit
- Fixed a possible guild crash
- Fixed a crash in battleground - IC
- Fixed a crash due to an opcode issue
- Fixed an achievement crash.
- Fixes to guild finder (Still got stuff to do, not fully tested etc - probably still not available for use yet.)
- Some fixes to achievements.
- Some changes to jump handling (movement)

- Fixed the teleport in the BG Isle of Conquest.
- Fixed an issue with maps not updating the range of group members on different maps. #TC
- Fixed an issue wtih death knight ghouls being unable to regenerate energy, and same with hunters just with happiness. #TC
- Fixed an exploit that allowed players to take some special flag items without paying for it.
- Fixed a reforge exploit.
- Fixed a transmogrify exploit.
- Fixed a mail issue.
- Fixed a flypath exploit.
- Fixed an issue with flying mount's speed after logout.

-- Server Fixes --

- Fixed 2 server errors (Was causing the server to crash)
- Fixed 1 server error (Was causing the server to startup slower)
- Added quick guide & required software inside the server folder.
- Updated repack thread visually.
- Reduced the size of _Server
- Some code clean up.
- Custom features removed.


Database (MySQL) Download

Repack (Server) Download

Vmaps Download
Maps Download
DBC Download

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If you need to test to help you debug, I can always help you despite my thin experience.

I am French but I understand well English , I write less well by cons :p

*sorry for my bad english.
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If you need to test to help you debug, I can always help you despite my thin experience.

I am French but I understand well English , I write less well by cons :p

*sorry for my bad english.

No problems, and thanks good to know.

You can report bugs / issues once it's available for download.

Best Regards,


I have been quite busy the last 3 days which means that not that many updates were added the last 3 days, however I do plan on making it available for download in the weekend or so.


Hello pewz I am impatient to test repack good continuation.

Hi, I'm glad you are going to use this repack, repack is being uploaded by now, it's nice you're giving me reminders, but download will be on second post (I cannot edit the picture before monday so it will continue say download not available but you just gotta look on 2nd post and it'll be there (in some hours or something) :)

I've updated the server files by now, in the progess of uploading mysql - database etc, but it's verifying the files, so it may take a little longer.


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Thank you Pewz my I to speak about the repack because ya no waiter(server) mysql-Apache, it is possible to have the repack with mysql-Apache without map and vmap? Thank you in advance.


Thank you Pewz my I to speak about the repack because ya no waiter(server) mysql-Apache, it is possible to have the repack with mysql-Apache without map and vmap? Thank you in advance.

Hi again.

I must say I have a hard time understanding what you mean. Sadly I don't speak french, but could you try to descriebe what your issue is futher?

Anyhow, if I understood you correctly you want to download the mysql & apache etc? If so just download this:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/zad6514pv2d3c6w/_Server.zip (It does not include maps, vmaps, dbc) but only the mysql folder itself :)

- Remember you are more than welcome to post help, issues etc, since I'm just glad that I can help people out & get feedback & attention on the repack :)

Best Regards,


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wanted the core is the waiter(server) without map vmap because the file is too voluminous to download ( small connection).
Thank you enormously for you we help.