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Discord is now fully integrated with the new forum software on EmuCoach!
You are now able to connect your EmuCoach account with your Discord account, granting you more permissions depending on your rank.

VIP members are now able to use 'General Chat', something previously allowed only to VIP Gold users.
More permissions may be granted to each rank depending on how popular/active the Discord server gets, which is why you should connect your account, even if you aren't VIP.
For example, we might add a Discord rank for Non-VIP members with X amount of posts, granting access to more Discord channels, etc..

To connect your account, simply go to the Connected Accounts section of your profile, then click the button 'Associate with Discord'.

If you are not already, you will have to log into Discord, then you will see this show up, on Discord's own site:

Just click the 'Authorize' button, and you should be all set! As you can see, it only accesses your email address, username and avatar from Discord. It accesses your email for extra verification, and accesses your username/avatar as it will update your Discord nickname (NOTE: This will NOT change your actual Discord username), with your EmuCoach username, for easier identification/communication between members.
After clicking the button, you will be taken back to EmuCoach, and it should ask you to confirm the account connection, then ask for your password to verify. After that, your account will be officially connected. Now, if you were already VIP, or plan on buying it, your rank will be automatically updated on Discord when you next visit/log in to EmuCoach. There may be some delay, so don't worry if it's not immediate.

If there are any issues, such as your rank not being transferred over, or if it takes away a rank incorrectly, let us know and we will fix it!
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Unfortunately there's no way around the requirements. The tool that we use for the Discord syncing needs to verify the e-mail on discord, because that's a requirement from Discord.