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Changelog (V13.1) - VIP Cataclysm (Old release)


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Mar 29, 2014
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This includes the changelog for VIP 13.1 that is available for regular VIPS and VIP Gold.
You can obtain access for 18.95$ by clicking here.

Changelog (Note, this is from version 13.1 VIP version)

Get access to the release by becoming a VIP here:


Cataclysm v13.1 (VIP) Changelog list:

VIP Version 13.1 - Cataclysm Repack information

Bastion of Twilight Heroic:
- Corrected health of the first boss (Halfus..)
- Corrected health of the second boss (Valiona)
- Corrected health of last boss (Cho'gall)

- Improved Traveler's Tundra Mammoth:
Upon dismounting, the vendor npcs will now say their line before despawning.

- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/v10-1-npc-54142.5896/
- Improvements to https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/v11-guild-experience-config-option.6364/, perhaps fixed.
- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/v13-mount.7315/
- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/v11-hotfixed-excising-the-taint-quest.6570/
- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/hunter-glyph-of-freezing-trap.6844/

- "Character dying in Stormwind City; (for example, to a crazed cultist) get sent to a graveyard just outside the city, however there is no spirit healer in the graveyard if the player wanted to resurrect.
[How it should work] There should be a spirit healer in the graveyard."'
"It sends you to the wrong place when you die. The spirit healer is actually just above the G of Goldshire on the map, roughly 39.4 60.5"
-- FIXED in V13.1

- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/2nd-boss-deadmines.7316/ , https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/2nd-boss-deadmines.7317/ , https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/the-deadmines-2-boss.6920/
- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/latent-disease-quest-v13.7135/ (Thanks to Damien!)
- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/guardian-of-ancient-kings.6638/ (thanks to Damien)

- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/v12-arooms-farewell.6901/
- Improved https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/v12-quest-the-eye-of-all-storms-id-13588.6969/
- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/v13-quest-bug-when-science-attacks.7171/

- Heavily improved https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/death-knight-starting-zone-v13-critical.7123/
- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/v13-rogue-stealth-bug.7169/
- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/v13-the-thunderspike-quest-server-issue.7170/

- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/v13-dungeon-grim-batol-heroic-erudax.7100/#post-74487 (Thanks to Damien)
- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/v13-dungeon-lost-city-of-the-tolvir-heroic.7122/ (Thanks to Damien)

- Improved https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/pet-assist-and-pet-defensive-v12.7228/
- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/custom-v12-gm-added-titles-still-dont-work.7229/
- Fixed https://www.emucoach.com/forums/threads/v13-quest-im-not-supposed-to-tell-you-this.7260/

- Improved Shaman's Fire Elemental (Damien)
- Improved Shaman's Earth elemental (Damien)
- Ancient Fury Damage fix
- Fixed high priority cruel authentication exploit
- Fixed an ingame crash exploit, that crashed players' clients.
- Improved Mirror Image (Thanks to Damien)
- Arcane Blast will stack the mana costs correctly now. (Damien)

- Fixed Boomking Elclipse mastery damage calculation
- Fixed Feral Swiftness removal of root
- Prevent the victim player from dismounting when Mind Control is used on them
- Infernal will now use Immolate aura
- Healthstone can now crit

- Fixed an issue where using Demonic Empowerment with Felguard would make it immune to many different crowd control abilities.
- Fixed an issue where Rend and Tear doesn't increase damage from Maul on bleeding targets
- Fixed Demon Leap. Now it jumps the proper amount of yards.
- Fixed some issues with Primal Madness

- Fixed some issues with Sacred Shield
- Fixed an issue where Forbearance didn't prevent a player from using Divine Shield
- Rewrite Sudden Eclipse. Fixes Moonking 4set bonus.

- Rework Starfall to filter targets properly. It will no longer be used on random targets. Instead, it will filter and only be casted on targets that the druid is in combat/has fought with.
- Fixed Swarming Guardian (Auriaya) range
- Rework Gathering XP for Mining & Herbalism. Now it uses the right formular based on what level you are.
- Fixed display of Cooling Infernal.

[Location, Faction, Race]Hillsbrad Foothills, Horde, Undead
[Name, Type] Muckgill, Quest drop Monster
[Problem Description] He has 2 spawns that just stand there. He should be patrolling down the coast along the murloc buildings/coast
[How it should work] Should be just one spawn that walks down the coast. (Same area the Coastal Delicacies Quest takes place at)
Should be fixed

[Location, Faction, Race]Hillsbrad Foothills, Horde, Undead
[Name, Type] Coastal Delicacies, Quest
[Problem Description] Spider does not eat any of the murlocs making the quest impossible to complete.
[How it should work] Spider should eat murlocs that you kill. Coastal Delicacies Quest Video

[Location, Faction, Race]Hillsbrad Foothills, Horde, Undead
[Name, Type] Do the Right Thing, Quest
[Problem Description] Quest atm has no way to turn in. Its supposed to be a UI popup when you've met the requirements.
[How it should work] Save 15 human seedlings and a UI popup should let you turn it in. Do the Right Thing Quest Video
Maybe fixed on v13.1. clear cache too.

[Location, Faction, Race]Hillsbrad Foothills, Horde, Undead
[Name, Type] Do it for Twinkles, Quest
[Problem Description] The monster you're supposed to kill has 10x the life its supposed to along with being classified as a boss. Is basically impossible to kill at the appropriate level.
[How it should work] Should be level 20 (set as level 85 in DB!) with 1094 max health according to the gameplay video. I should also mention 2 npcs join you in the fights here. Do it for Twinkles Quest Video

[Location, Faction, Race]Hillsbrad Foothills, Horde, Undead
[Name, Type] Angry Scrubbing Bubbles, Quest
[Problem Description] Quest is supposed to be triggered by killing an Angry Blight Slime. Currently does not trigger at all.
[How it should work] Kill Blight Slim and get quest. Angry Scrubbing Bubbles Quest Video
Should be fixed.

[Location, Faction, Race]Silverpine Forest, Horde, Undead
[Name, Type] Seek and Destroy, Quest
[Problem Description] Missing Auto Accept Flag. UI pops up but I clicked accept and it disappeared with no quest accepted.
[How it should work] Add Auto accept into Flags in the DB - 1638400. Then it accepts just fine and loads next quest in chain Corned and Crushed.

- Fixed quest: As Hyjal Burns
- Solved issues with Tyrande in End Time
- Solved issues with Echo of Jaina in End Time
- Fixed some generic creatures in End Time
- Fix an issue on Murozond in End Time

Stay tuned for Version 14 (VIP), coming up with tons of great new fixes and achievements!

Best Regards,
ExO & Emucoach team,
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Jan 1, 2021
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I'm so impressed with this repack and incredibly happy to support it's future development. Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to v14 and beyond!


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Jan 25, 2015
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Please implement a VIP Function in V14. VIP get more XP, Gold Rate etc. I'm looking forward to V14 :)


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Dec 29, 2018
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I'm still stuck in V.12 since my VIP expired. But i want to get back to it. Am i going to be able to use my V.12 characters with this one?