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Aug 15, 2015
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1. This is a list of commands that i have put together from person exspeirience friends and others i havnt tried all of these commands but i have tried about 99pct of them and they all work so far i hope this helps!!!

*red = Main party of the command like .cheat
*yellow = Secondary part of command like .cheat fly

-commands - [Shows commands]
-help - [Shows help for command]
-calcdist - [Display the distance between your current position and the specified point x y z]
-announce - [Sends a normal chat message broadcast to all players.]
-wannounce - [Sends a widescreen raid style announcement to all players.]
-appear - [Teleports to x's position.]
-summon - [Summons x to your position.]
-kill - [.kill - Kills selected unit.]
-killplr - [.killplr <name> - Kills specified player]
-revive - [Revives you.]
-reviveplr - [Revives player specified.]
-demorph - [Demorphs from morphed model.]
-mount - [Mounts into modelid x.]
-dismount - [Dismounts.]
-gps - [Shows Position]
-worldport - [Teleports you to a location with mapid x y z]
-start - [Teleports you to a starting location]
-invincible - [.invincible - Toggles INVINCIBILITY (mobs won't attack you)]
-invisible - [.invisible - Toggles INVINCIBILITY and INVISIBILITY (mobs won't attack you and nobody can see you, but they can see your chat messages)]
-playerinfo - [.playerinfo - Displays informations about the selected character (account...)]
-levelup - [Levelup x lvls]
kickplayer - [Kicks player from server]
gmannounce - [Sends Msg to all online GMs]
clearcooldowns - [Clears all cooldowns for your class.]
removeauras - [Removes all auras from target]
paralyze - [Roots/Paralyzes the target.]
unparalyze - [Unroots/Unparalyzes the target.]
gotrig - [Warps to areatrigger <id>]
modperiod - [Changes period of current transporter.]
logcomment - [Adds a comment to the GM log for the admins to read.]
removesickness - [Removes ressurrection sickness from the target]

~~~modify~~~ "Type .Mod " before command from code below

hp - [Modifies health points (HP) of selected target]
gender - [Changes gender of selected target. Usage: 0=male, 1=female.]
mana - [Modifies mana points (MP) of selected target.]
rage - [Modifies rage points of selected target.]
energy - [Modifies energy points of selected target.]
runicpower - [Modifies runic power points of selected target.]
level - [Modifies the level of selected target.]
strength - [Modifies the strength value of the selected target.]
agility - [Modifies the agility value of the selected target.]
intelligence - [Modifies the intelligence value of the selected target.]
spirit - [Modifies the spirit value of the selected target.]
armor - [Modifies the armor of selected target.]
holy - [Modifies the holy resistance of selected target.]
fire - [Modifies the fire resistance of selected target.]
nature - [Modifies the nature resistance of selected target.]
frost - [Modifies the frost resistance of selected target.]
shadow - [Modifies the shadow resistance of selected target.]
arcane - [Modifies the arcane resistance of selected target.]
damage - [Modifies the damage done by the selected target.]
ap - [Modifies the attack power of the selected target.]
rangeap - [Modifies the range attack power of the selected target.]
scale - [Modifies the scale of the selected target.]
gold - [Modifies the gold amount of the selected target. Copper value.]
speed - [Modifies the movement speed of the selected target.]
nativedisplayid - [Modifies the native display identifier of the target.]
displayid - [Modifies the display identifier (DisplayID) of the target.]
flags - [Modifies the flags of the selected target.]
faction - [Modifies the faction template of the selected target.]
dynamicflags - [Modifies the dynamic flags of the selected target.]
talentpoints - [Modifies the available talent points of the selected target.]
happiness - [Modifies the happiness value of the selected target.]
boundingraidius - [Modifies the bounding radius of the selected target.]
combatreach - [Modifies the combat reach of the selected target.]
npcemotestate - [Modifies the NPC emote state of the selected target.]
bytes0 - [WARNING! Modifies the bytes0 entry of selected target.]
bytes1 - [WARNING! Modifies the bytes1 entry of selected target.]
bytes2 - [WARNING! Modifies the bytes2 entry of selected target.]
~~~waypoint~~~ "Type .waypoint " before the command in the commands below

add - [Add wp at current pos]
show - [Show wp's for creature]
hide - [Hide wp's for creature]
delete - [Delete selected wp]
movehere - [Move to this wp]
flags - [Wp flags]
waittime - [Wait time at this wp]
emote - [Emote at this wp]
skin - [Skin at this wp]
change - [Change at this wp]
info - [Show info for wp]
movetype - [Movement type at wp]
generate - [Randomly generate wps]
save - [Save all waypoints]
deleteall - [Delete all waypoints]
addfly - [Adds a flying waypoint]
~~~debug~~~ "Type .debug " before a command from the below text

castspell - [.castspell <spellid> - Casts spell on target.]
castself - [.castself <spellId> - Target casts spell <spellId> on itself.]
castspellne - [.castspellne <spellid> - Casts spell on target (only plays animations, doesnt handle effects or range/facing/etc.]
aggrorange - [.aggrorange - Shows aggro Range of the selected Creature.]
knockback - [.knockback <value> - Knocks you back.]
fade - [.fade <value> - calls ModThreatModifyer().]
threatMod - [.threatMod <value> - calls ModGeneratedThreatModifyer().]
calcThreat - [.calcThreat <dmg> <spellId> - calculates threat.]
threatList - [.threatList - returns all AI_Targets of the selected Creature.]
gettptime - [grabs transporter travel time]
itempushresult - [sends item push result]
sendpacket - [<opcode ID>, <data>]
sqlquery - [<sql query>]
rangecheck - [Checks the 'yard' range and internal range between the player and the target.]
setallratings - [Sets rating values to incremental numbers based on their index.]
testlos - [tests los]
testindoor - [tests indoor]
getheight - [Gets height]
~~~gm~~~ "Type .gm " before a command from the code below

list - [Shows active GM's]
off - [Sets GM tag off]
on - [Sets GM tag on]
whisperblock - [Blocks like .gmon except without the <GM> tag]
allowwhispers - [Allows whispers from player <s> while in gmon mode.]
blockwhispers - [Blocks whispers from player <s> while in gmon mode.]
~~~gmTicket~~~ "ok you should get it by now"

get - [Gets GM Ticket list.]
getId - [Gets GM Ticket by player name.]
delId - [Deletes GM Ticket by player name.]
list - [Lists all active GM Tickets.]
get - [Gets GM Ticket with ID x.]
remove - [Removes GM Ticket with ID x.]
deletepermanent - [Deletes GM Ticket with ID x permanently.]
assign - [Assignes GM Ticket with id x to GM y (if empty to your self).]
release - [Releases assigned GM Ticket with ID x.]
comment - [Sets comment x to GM Ticket with ID y.]
toggle - [Toggles the ticket system status.]

select - [Selects the nearest GameObject to you]
delete - [Deletes selected GameObject]
spawn - [Spawns a GameObject by ID]
info - [Gives you informations about selected GO]
activate - [Activates/Opens the selected GO.]
enable - [Enables the selected GO for use.]
scale - [Sets scale of selected GO]
animprogress - [Sets anim progress]
export - [Exports the current GO selected]
move - [Moves gameobject to player xyz]
rotate - [<Axis> <Value> - Rotates the object. <Axis> x,y, Default o.]
sdid - [Spawns a generic game object with the specified display id. Clear your client cache after using this!]

setbgscore - [<Teamid> <Score> - Sets battleground score. 2 Arguments.]
startbg - [Starts current battleground match.]
pausebg - [Pauses current battleground match.]
bginfo - [Displays information about current battleground.]
battleground - [Shows BG Menu]
setworldstate - [<var> <val> - Var can be in hex. WS Value.]
setworldstates - [<var> <val> - Var can be in hex. WS Value.]
playsound - [<val>. Val can be in hex.]
setbfstatus - [.setbfstatus - NYI.]
leave - [Leaves the current battleground.]
getqueue - [Gets common battleground queue information.]
forcestart - [Forces initialitation of all battlegrounds with active queue.]

vendoradditem - [Adds to vendor]
vendorremoveitem - [Removes from vendor.]
flags - [Changes NPC flags]
emote - [.emote - Sets emote state]
delete - [Deletes mob from db and world.]
info - [Displays NPC information]
addAgent - [.npc addAgent <agent> <procEvent> <procChance> <procCount> <spellId> <spellType> <spelltargetType> <spellCooldown> <floatMisc1> <Misc2>]
listAgent - [.npc listAgent]
say - [.npc say <text> - Makes selected mob say text <text>.]
yell - [.npc yell <Text> - Makes selected mob yell text <text>.]
come - [.npc come - Makes npc move to your position]
return - [.npc return - Returns ncp to spawnpoint.]
spawn - [.npc spawn - Spawns npc of entry <id>]
respawn - [.respawn - Respawns a dead npc from it's corpse.]
spawnlink - [.spawnlink sqlentry]
possess - [.npc possess - Possess an npc (mind control)]
unpossess - [.npc unpossess - Unposses any currently possessed npc.]
select - [.npc select - selects npc closest]
npcfollow - [Sets npc to follow you]
nullfollow - [Sets npc to not follow anything]
formationlink1 - [Sets formation master.]
formationlink2 - [Sets formation slave with distance and angle]
formationclear - [Removes formation from creature]
equip1 - [Use: .npc equip1 <itemid> - use .npc equip1 0 to remove the item]
equip2 - [Use: .npc equip2 <itemid> - use .npc equip2 0 to remove the item]
equip3 - [Use: .npc equip3 <itemid> - use .npc equip3 0 to remove the item]

status - [Shows active cheats.]
taxi - [Enables all taxi nodes.]
cooldown - [Enables no cooldown cheat.]
casttime - [Enables no cast time cheat.]
power - [Disables mana consumption etc.]
god - [Sets god mode, prevents you from taking damage.]
fly - [Sets fly mode]
explore - [Reveals the unexplored parts of the map.]
flyspeed - [Does the same thing as .modify speed]
stack - [Enables aura stacking cheat.]
triggerpass - [Ignores area trigger prerequisites.]

level - [Sets gm level on account. Pass it username and 0,1,2,3,az, etc.]
mute - [Mutes account for <timeperiod>.]
unmute - [Unmutes account <x>]

addpoints - [Adds x amount of honor points/currency]
addkills - [Adds x amount of honor kills]
globaldailyupdate - [Daily honor field moves]
singledailyupdate - [Daily honor field moves for selected player only]
pvpcredit - [Sends PVP credit packet, with specified rank and points]

addboth - [Add quest <id> to the targeted NPC as start & finish]
addfinish - [Add quest <id> to the targeted NPC as finisher]
addstart - [Add quest <id> to the targeted NPC as starter]
delboth - [Delete quest <id> from the targeted NPC as start & finish]
delfinish - [Delete quest <id> from the targeted NPC as finisher]
delstart - [Delete quest <id> from the targeted NPC as starter]
complete - [Complete/Finish quest <id>]
finisher - [Lookup quest finisher for quest <id>]
item - [Lookup itemid necessary for quest <id>]
list - [Lists the quests for the npc <id>]
load - [Loads quests from database]
lookup - [Looks up quest string x]
giver - [Lookup quest giver for quest <id>]
remove - [Removes the quest <id> from the targeted player]
reward - [Shows reward for quest <id>]
status - [Lists the status of quest <id>]
spawn - [Port to spawn location for quest <id>]
start - [Starts quest <id>]

createpet - [Creates a pet with <entry>.]
renamepet - [Renames a pet to <name>.]
addspell - [Teaches pet <spell>.]
removespell - [Removes pet spell <spell>.]
spawnbot - [.pet spawnbot <type> - spawn a helper bot for your aid]

list - [List recall locations]
add - [Add a recall location]
del - [Remove a recall location]
port - [Ports you to recalled location]
portplayer - [Ports specified player to a recalled location]
portus - [Ports you and the selected player to recalled location]

join - [Force joins a guild]
create - [Creates a guild.]
rename - [Renames a guild.]
members - [Lists guildmembers and their ranks.]
removeplayer - [Removes a player from a guild.]
disband - [Disbands the guild of your target.]

setmotd - [Sets MOTD]
rehash - [Reloads config file.]
reloadtable - [Reloads some of the database tables]
shutdown - [Initiates server shutdown in <x> seconds (5 by default).]
restart - [Initiates server restart in <x> seconds (5 by default).]
cancelshutdown - [Cancels a Server Restart/Shutdown.]
save - [Save's target character]
saveall - [Save's all playing characters]
info - [Server info]
netstatus - [Shows network status.]

learn - [Learns spell]
unlearn - [Unlearns spell]
getskillinfo - [Gets all the skills from a player]
learnskill - [.learnskill <skillid> (optional) <value> <maxvalue> - Learns skill id skillid.]
advanceskill - [advanceskill <skillid> <amount, optional, default = 1> - Advances skill line x times..]
removeskill - [.removeskill <skillid> - Removes skill]
increaseweaponskill - [.increaseweaponskill <count> - Increase eqipped weapon skill x times (defaults to 1).]
resetreputation - [.resetreputation - Resets reputation to start levels. (use on characters that were made before reputation fixes.)]
resetspells - [.resetspells - Resets all spells to starting spells of targeted player. DANGEROUS.]
resettalents - [.resettalents - Resets all talents of targeted player to that of their current level. DANGEROUS.]
resetskills - [.resetskills - Resets all skills.]
additem - [Adds item x count y]
removeitem - [Removes item %u count %u.]
additemset - [Adds item set to inv.]
advanceallskills - [Advances all skills <x> points.]
getstanding - [Gets standing of faction %u.]
setstanding - [Sets stanging of faction %u.]
showitems - [Shows items of selected Player]
showskills - [Shows skills of selected Player]
showinstances - [Shows persistent instances of selected Player]
rename - [Renames character x to y.]
forcerename - [Forces character x to rename his char next login]
repairitems - [.repairitems - Repair all items from selected player]
settitle - [Adds title to a player]

item - [Looks up item string x.]
quest - [Looks up quest string x.]
creature - [Looks up item string x.]
object - [Looks up gameobject string x.]
spell - [Looks up spell string x.]
skill - [Looks up skill string x.]
faction - [Looks up faction string x.]
achievement - [Looks up achievement string x.]

castall - [Makes all players online cast spell <x>.]
dispelall - [Dispels all negative (or positive w/ 1) auras on all players.]
renameallinvalidchars - [Renames all invalid character names]
masssummon - [Summons all online players to your location]
playall - [Plays a sound to everyone on the realm.]

player - [Disconnects the player with name <s>.]
account - [Disconnects the session with account name <s>.]
ip - [Disconnects the session with the ip <s>.]

ip - [Adds an address to the IP ban table: .ban ip <address> [duration] [reason]\nDuration must be a number optionally followed by a character representing the calendar subdivision to use (h>hours, d>days, w>weeks, m>months, y>years, default minutes)\nLack of duration results in a permanent ban.]
character - [Bans character: .ban character <char> [duration] [reason]]
account - [Bans account: .ban account <name> [duration] [reason]]
all - [Bans account, ip, and character: .ban all <char> [duration] [reason]]

ip - [Deletes an address from the IP ban table: <address>]
character - [Unbans character x]
account - [Unbans account x.]


create - [Generically instances a map that requires instancing, mapid x y z]
reset - [Removes instance ID x from target player.]
resetall - [Removes all instance IDs from target player.]
shutdown - [Shutdown instance with ID x (default is current instance).]
info - [Gets info about instance with ID x (default is current instance).]
exit - [Exits current instance, return to entry point.]

createteam - [Creates arena team]
setteamleader - [Sets the arena team leader]
resetallratings - [Resets all arena teams to their default rating]
complete - [Completes the specified achievement.]
criteria - [Completes the specified achievement criteria.]
reset - [Resets achievement data from the target.]



Dec 26, 2015
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San Diego CA USA
NPC Waypoint editing

Hello all! New to the scene but like to dabble around with the EMUCoach Repack 4.3.4. V-4

My issue is, I can create waypoints for creatures using:
.npc info to get GUID
.wp add (GUID)
.wp load (GUID)

and then restarting the server will make that creature move to the waypoints I created. But how do you create wait times at various waypoints to give a more realistic feel to the creature's movements or emotes/actions like I have read about on other posts on the web? The above GM commands don't work like:
.wp waittime or even .wp delete

I would just like to be able to create waypoints and edit them so if anyone out there have done their own editing to make stationary creatures move around then please share with me what commands you are typing in for Emucoach's v4 repack or any emucoach's repack. Looking into the 5.4.0 MOP repack here shortly.

Thanks in advance!
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Registered User
Dec 30, 2015
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for some reason it doesnt acces any command it just says it out plainly. Almost all that shit there doesnt exist in EMUCoach repack 5.4.0


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Mar 29, 2014
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for some reason it doesnt acces any command it just says it out plainly. Almost all that shit there doesnt exist in EMUCoach repack 5.4.0
It also says for 3.3.5 & 4.3.4. Either way, you can type .commands ingame to see the commands in the 5.4.0 repack. But first make sure you have enough GM permission for it :)


May 5, 2015
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hmmm i try to set commands like .gm on ...and all i get there is no subcommand


Jun 2, 2015
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Is this still mostly up to date?


Sep 3, 2019
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I have a question about guild create command, every time i try to write in chat .guild create "Guild master name" "Guild name" i received i message " Wrong synthax". What i need to write in chat for a guild creation?


Oct 19, 2019
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Does anyone know how you can give someone recipes for a profession (ones that do not have an item I mean)?
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Sep 15, 2019
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Does anyone know how you can give someone recipes for a profession (ones that do not have an item I mean)?
Select the character

.learn #spellID

teach someone how to make "Minor Healing Potion"
.learn 2330


Oct 19, 2019
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Ah, so I just need to use ".lookup spell minor healing" say, to find the recipes I want.

Thanks that's really helpful.


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Apr 24, 2020
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Thanks for Trinity-Admin -> Dropdownlists working?

[email protected]

Thanks so much for the List of GM-Commands and the link to "Trinity-Admin-Panel" .

I am trying out Trinity-Admin and it is quite good.

But: I realised, that all the dropdown-Boxes dont work for me. When i try to select something, it just does nothing.
For example: Try to learn all spells or try to choose something from the dropdown...
My Version is 4.3.4 emucoach V12.

Are these dropdown-select-boxes working for you guys? Or am i just too stupid to us it right :)

Any help is highly appreciated.