Eco de Tyrande (v13.1)


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Important Bug Report in the Dungeon
( ) in the boss area
( ) The Spell does not come out as it should
( ), which is a zone that debuffs enemies when they enter
the light, without this light the enemies cannot be killed as it should be, the light appears but not as it should be it is totally random.



As you can see, the light does go out, but not as it should when it disappears, it may not appear again
Importance Level 10/10
video of how it should appear:

In the video you can see how, without the light you cannot kill your enemies quickly.

A little more information for this report:

Function: After teleporting to the Emerald Dragonshrine (Next boss), we will find ourselves immersed in the shadows and with the Echo of Tyrande kneeling in a lake bathed in the light of the dark moon. Before approaching her, we will have to defeat "time-twisted nightsabers" and sentries. While these creatures are in the shadows, they will have a buff called "In Shadow", which has their damage taken at 90%. However, once they are in the moonlight pits, they lose the buff and are easily defeated. Our goal is to go from light well to light well, killing nightsaabers and sentries at every stop. If we can't kill them before the light well disappears, we don't have to worry, as they don't do much damage. We will simply have to move to the next one and kill them there.

The problem it causes here is that that light source sometimes comes out but it lasts 1 second and sometimes it doesn't come out, which shouldn't happen, because it must last a long time to kill the mobs.
Well as you enter this area, you will see many night sabers and a source of light. You have to get to the light source, if a saber is chasing you, reach the source and kill it there. Once the source is gone, move on to the next one (make sure no group member is left behind) and then repeat the process. After five sources, Tyrande appears
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