CLOSED 5.4.8 Blizzlike Mists of Pandaria - v1.7 - [EmuCoach's Official Repack]

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NOTE: These are basic summary of all fixes, not all fixes are listed here!

Changelog 1.6-1.7

Allow Flight, Ji-Kun fly in Throne of Thunder
Send correct SpecID per spec - fixes visual bug ( and
Fix SMSG_LOAD_EQUIPMENT_SET wrong initalization
Fix inspecting issues
Fix raid encounter saving
Spirit Flayers in Throne of Thunder now use smooth path
Fix vendor Sage Lotusbloom
Fix loot for Rare Nessos the Oracle
Fixed remove friend not working
Fix pyroblast damage not get extra 25%
Fix trainer portal - Trainer Rundok
Fix some rare/elites in MoP Zones
Fix Paladin retri t15 2p
Remove dead code around core
Update ton of packets
Fix Elite Haywire Sunreaver Construct
Black temple raid imported (from TrinityCore)
Rewrite battlepay packet
Fix battlepay storage
Fix actionlist spam and smart target condition
Remove weird hack in elwynn forest that caused ...
Sethekk Halls - Scripts from TrinityCore
AuchenaiCrypts, ManaTombs, ShadowLabyrinth from TrinityCore
Fix factions of some elite/rares
Fix Ahune Mid Season Event.
Fix some quests in duskwood.
Fix GetInstanceSave checking wrong map.
Fix an edge case crash when player buys an item from vendor
Fix inspect packet
Fix SAI not resetting proper
Rewrite talent system
Change some ObjectGuid copies to reference
Fix instance encountermask and raidencounter misses
Fix alani respawn time to 1 week
Update member stats on levelup
Fix inspect modifier building and fix Item::BuildItemModifiers function for MoP
Rename unk in Spell::EffectActivateObject and add support for it.
Fix a crash when try to load scenarios
Fix spam and actionlists in SAI
Fix Spell Fly Exploit in Jiklun - ToT
Fix loot for Primordius (10M)
Fix loot for Animus (10M)
Port SAI updates from cataclysm
remove wrong implementation of SPELL_AURA_SEE_WHILE_INVISIBLE)
Start scripting Secrets of Ragefire scenario
Implement new condition for spell_area source type
Update skill related packets
Fix crash in ToES
Respawn Heart of Fear and Terrace of endless spring
Update command flush currency cap
Enable Heart of Fear scripts
Fix crash in guilds and add more allocation space to roster packet
Fix some DB errors
Fix NPC Wulon
Fix player doesn't have fly aura after die in pandaria
Fix alot of level 90 npc with wrong hp
New command: instance raidunbind
Handle timezones for hour-specific events
Fix missing NPC Coreiel and Aldraan in Nagrand
Fix lightweave and swordguard enchant doesn't have cooldown
Fix black trillium ore and white trillium ore prospecting
Fix alchemy trainer poisoncrafter Kil'zit and Ni Gentlepaw
Fix quest Spirit Dust
Fix quest Flamebreaker
Fix quest Round 1: The Streetfighter
Add missing item to S13 HP
Fix primordius exit gate being clickable
Fix multiple areatrigger encounters in ToT
Update Skill Discovery and Object Loot
Add Spell Visual for Biting Cold
NPC Garajal Intro should reset to original state after raid wipe.
Fix exploit in Council of Elders
Implement MakeInterruptable
Spell Sand Bolt and Wrath of The Loa Boss Council of elder now can interruptable. Also fixed bug when dark engery 100%
Vampiric Cave Bat now will attack the highest threat instead of random attacking - Boss Tortos
Fix some npcs not have invisibile displayid
Update areatrigger for spell Get Away
Fix client crash from forced movement packet
Fix LeiShi doesbn't stop attack when defeated.
Fixed vendor Shay Pressler and Goram
Script Sha of Fear Omnisous crackle
Fix Jikun client crash
Correct loot for Tsulong normal.
Fixed respawn on HM (Hellfire Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Shattered Halls, Mechanar)
fixed respawn for Endtime heroic.
Allow GetSelectedUnit and GetSelectedPlayer to target players in other map (fixes meeting stone)
Fix client crash on worldserver close in BG
remove weird spell hacks related to Stance of the Sturdy Ox
Port spell area table from Cataclysm - which fixes - + more cases of it not working
Fix obsidium Deposit Loot
Fix saronite deposit Loot
Fix rich cobalt depsit loot
fix small thorium vein and cobalt deposit loot,
Fix copper vein Loot,
Fix elementium vein, rich elementium vein, rich kyparite deposit,
Respawn a lot of creature/gameboject missing.

Changelog 1.4-1.6

Change target type storage (std::list to std::vector - big optimization)
Refactor whole SAI system
Fix RequiredClasses requirement for quest 31159
Tons of SAI updates after refactor - Crash fixes and other implementations
Fix AI not being created for vehicles
Fix SAI Spell scripts
Fix uninitalized variable in SpellHistoryEntry which caused infinite spell cooldowns ( (
Fix ignore in party/raid/bg/etc
Fix crash in puppet tempsummon entity
Implement serverside translating (as of MoP the server now translates orcish, common, etc) - it's about 70% emulated
Fix crash in charm system
Fix crash in aura system
Fix crash in SMART_ACTION_CAST_RANDOM and allow it to use target type
No longer translate two side group chat (after previous translation update)
Add flush command
Fix Scarlet Monastary and Scarlet Halls Graveyard
Fix currency
SMART_ACTION_SET_ANIM_KIT now uses target type
A lot more actions can now use target type
Rewrite smart target coniditon to fix invalid read
Fix iteration of spell SAI
Fix message chat emote text language
Fix quests should give currency from quest reward
change some C casts to static_cast for faster code
Update correct currency count for new system
Battlpet- Work at battle pet
SAI - Fix invalid read crash
Fix riding trainer in Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Fix CreatureAI left unitialized
Fix ClientRoleChangedInform
Remove PackGUID from Object class
Fix crash in AIM Destroy
Implement move time skipped packets
Fix mem leak in npc_army_of_the_dead script
fix mem leak in AuraEffect create
Fix pool memory usage
Fix mem leak in hotfix database
Remove useless arg in map loading
Move whole spell_scripts, event_scripts, waypoint_scripts to SAI
Quest: Breaking down the defenses
Quest: Bolstering the Defenses
GameObject: Translate some GO names to english
Quest: Overpowered
Quest: Capitive AUdience
Quest: Burning Bright
Creature: Script Brewmaster Chani
GameObject: Pristine Crane Egg
Fix valgrind reported memory leak
Fix dynamic area info
GameObject: Some pandaria object updates
Item: Fix loot for Item Sealed Crate
Creature: Krystel
Groups: Fix raid markers
SAI: More cleanup and issue fixes/code documentation
Creature: Remove some creature addons that are not used
Fix crash in Unit::RemoveNotOwnSingleTargetAuras
Fix aura crash on Ring of Frost (82691) (min > max)
Fix some error logs and enable Horridon area trigger
Throne of Thunder: Horridon now working
Loot: FIx loot for Horridon 10M Normal.
Currency: Update Horridon currency loot
Creature: Fix missing Pyrestar Demolisher, Mighty Devilsaur, Zandalari Colosus
Creature: Script Silver Covenant Spellblade
SmartScript: Fix GameobjectAI Crash
Quest: Spell Bound
Quest: Capitive Audience
Spells/Monk: Fix Monk windwalker T15 2P
Cleanup some quest packets
Fix mastery exploit in reforging
Vendors: Fix price for vendor 69967
Conditions: Fix crash
New ByteBuffer function - ReadBit(&p_Bit) - p_Bit will be set to next bit read (true/false)
Core/WorldSession: Remove code that takes a lot of time.
Implement better logging for slow opcodes
Quest: Update currency reward for quest Restoring the Balance and Disarming the Enemy
Fix crash in accessing invalid update fields
Creature: Script NPC for quest Ellia Ravenmane: Redemption

Quest: Update for quest
Ellia Ravenmane
Ellia Ravenmane: Rematch
Ellia Ravenmane: Revenge
Ellia Ravenmane: Redemption
Minh Do-Tan
Fat Long-fat
Julia Bates
Dextrous izissha
Kuo-na Quillpaw
Huck Wheelbarrow
Mindel Sunspeaker
Yan Quillpaw
Fat long-fat: Rematch
Champion of Chi-Ji

Achievements: Handle system for CMSG_SET_ACHIEVEMENTS_HIDDEN
NPC: Zuluhed
Vendor: Update vendor for Season 13
Quest: Fix Overpowered horde faction
GameObject: Update miscs
Implement character boost (From SkyFire)
Units: Now pets will set owner in combat when they enter combat
Spells: Fix lightwell visual and glyph
MapScripts: Fix invalid update processing
Spell: Fix potion exploit
Spell: Fix borrowed time
Spell: Update instant cast handlers
Spell: Rewrite whole instant cast system
Pets: Rewrite Earthgrab Totem Script.
Units: Remove some dead code.
Player: Update passive talent spell casting && removal
Quest: 32305
Units: Fix SetCanFly to send packet always
Misc: Fix some scripts not loaded in DB
Loot: Correct loot for Jin'rokh the Breaker
Misc: Fix some player items after faction change
Creature: Lady Jania Proudmoore (Isle of Thunder)
Unit: Update SMSG_LOOT_LIST implementation
Spells: REnraged Regeneration script rewrite
Spell: Add more check to Touch of Death spell
Spell: Fix vanish not remove slow effects
Quest: Hero's Call: Darkshore
Quest: Blood Oath of the Netherwing
Loot: Black/White Trillium Ore Prospecting
Spell: Burst of Speed now removes movement-slowing effects
Quest: Fix exploit quest that can be turned in for both factions
Vendor: Correct price for Tyrannical Gladiator's Felweave Raiment

Fixes for Council of Elders
Update Tortos Loot
Update Magaera loot

AccessRequirement: Update Acccess requirement for Mists of Pandaria
Spells: Fix throw not having 2 sec CD
Spells: Optimize SMSG_SPELL_GO
Spell: Remove invalid record from spell_linked_spell
Duels: Dismount player when duel and add missing SPELL_AURA_MOUNTED to Unit::Dismount
Spell: Fix visual using spells during disengage
Units: Fix issue with HasUnitMovementFlag.
Spells: Rewrite Combat Readiness
Spell: Fix Second Wind
Misc: Update Gate of Setting Sun Raigonn
Stonecore: Dungeon scripts has been ported from Cataclysm
Spells: Raise Ally will now ressurect player with 60% health instead of 20%
BlackrockCaverns: Dungeon scripts has been ported from Cataclysm
Misc: Undocumented quest updates
Skill: Fix Lightning Steel Ingot skill discover:
GameObject: Sorrowmoss
Vendor: Add missing item to vendor 69967
Fix crash in object lookup
Misc: Bonus XP FOr players with PvP Mode on (New config option)
Movement: Rewrite whole FleeingMovementGenerator.
Spell: Remove leftovers from old hack.
Arena: Update some arean code.
Firelands: Firelands scripts has been ported from Cataclysm
Update whole VMap/MMaps/Maps system (before for example Scholomance had broken mmaps) (This was cancer to fix - btw (that's why new maps/vmaps/mmaps need to be downloaded :))
GameObject: Blindweed Nodes
GameObject: Purple Lotus, Arthas, Dreamfoil, Golden Sansam, Blindweed
GameObject: Icecap nodes
Graveyard: Fix gate of setting sun graveyard location.
Objects: Remove GetBaseMap and fix some terrain swap fake errors.
SmartScripts: Fix SMART_ACTION_WP_START param 1
Object: Fix node herb mountain silverage
Fix memleak in GuildMgr
Player: Don't send SPELL_COOLDOWN_FLAG_INCLUDE_GCD on spell lock
Respawn Siege of Orgimmar and Throne of Thunder
Achievement: Correctly credit progress for skill-related-achievements when learning a new skill (ported:
Spells: Fix Glyph of Inner Sanctum.
CombatPackets: Update ClientAttackStop
Units: Remove unused function SendSpellDamageResists
Spells: Have owner cast frozen orb damage, this wa y it can benefit from damage increase and not hit neutral NPC
Achievements: Fix mistake related to Achievement_CRITERIA_OWN_ITEM (ported:
Fix Mixology duration boost
New Spell attributes
Terrance Of Endless Spring scripts enabled
Adjust loot for 62442.
Loot: Oondasta
Change whole SCORE_BONUS_XP
ThroneOfThunder: Add Berserk spell for Tortos
Add check for Tortos
Fix Whirl Turtle disappear aftr summon
Sunreaver Dragonhawk And silver Convenant Hippogrph faction fixed
Trainer: Add missing spell to inscription trainer
ToT: Modiufy range check for spell Spirit Light and update boss Jinrokh Breaker
Spells: Rewrite cauterize and remove it on duel end.
SAI: New cast flag SMARTCAST_TARGET_CAST_SPELL - use target type for caster of spell
Vendor: Fix Missing item tyrannical gladiator's pike
DB/Trainer: Fix for NPC Sally Fizzlefury <Engineering Trainer>
DB/Trainer: Fix some missing spell from enchant trainer
DB/NPC: Fixed some invisible NPC in Brunnhildar zone - Northend
DB/NPC: Fixed alot of wrong ModelID which should invisible
DB/Loot: Fel Iron Ore and Adamantite Ore will have chance to drop 2-9 ores per node
DB/Object: Fix missing portal Portal to Shado-Pan Garrison
DB/Loot: Fixed Rich Thorium Vein Loot
Core/AI: Allow SAI-based vehicles to attack targets if the vehicle itself is a valid target for attack. Make vehicles chase they accessory targets when the accessory enters combat.
Fix sQuestAccept call
DB/Object: Fixed Ghost Mush Room Node
DB/Portal: Fixed Shadopan Portal from isle of Thunder
DB/Herb: Fixed Sungrass herb node
DB/Herb: Fixed Gromsblood Herb Node
DB/Ore: Update Mithril Deposit
DB/Trainer: Fix some trainer not teaching anything or can't interact within
DB/Trainer: fixed npc Roxxik Engineer trainer
DB/Object: Update Ghost Iron Ore Nodes Loot
Core/SmartScript: Fix invalid read in SMART_TARGET_SUMMONER_SUMMON_LIST
Fix invalid write crash
Revert "Core/Scripts: fixed memory leak caused by unassigned scripts in db. Thanks TC Team" (This was causing all the server startup crashes people were having)
Core/MapScripts: Fix script processing
DB/Trainer: Fix missing Engineering: Synapse Springs [Tinker]
Core/Scripts: Update World Boss Galleon
DB/Object: Update respawn time for Blushleaf Extract
DB/Phase: Fixed alot creature has wrong phase in Northrend
DB/Quest: Update for quest Crystals of Power
DB/Quests: Update some quests
Galleon can no longer be taunted, and both he and his companions are now more dangerous
DB/Command: Fix command error
Battlepet updates
Fix AddonChannel
Core/ChatHandler: Addon Channel system
Core/SmartAI: fix jaja memory leaks
Core/PvP: Update base Resillence and Battle Fatigue to Season 13 and update DB miscs
Core/Command: Change command for reload battlepay shop
Core/ThroneofThunder: Temp disable Down Draft duo crash client
DB/Misc: Update Loot Boss Jikun and Durumu, fix some bug in boss fight Jikun
DB/Updates: Refactor and Sprit Flayer should not attack player
Core/Script: Fix NPC obedient_hound in Scarlet Halls not attack-able
Core/Instance: Update InstanceSaveManager::LoadResetTimes
Core/Instance: Update Unload fnc
Core/Instance: Use prepared statement for Remove Instance Save instead of raw query
Core/Currency: Add Auto Reset Currency Time
Core/Instance: Raid should reset every week instead of every day
DB/Object: Door Boss Tortos shouldn't click-able
Core/Spell: Fix Atonement [Advantage]
Core/Spell: Update From Darkness, Comes Light
Core: Big Optimize and update packets

Changelog (1.3-1.4)

Fix Maelstorm Weapons
Fix DK T15 Blood 4P Bonus
New function added in SpellHistory class - AddChargeCooldown
Some global spell fixes/cleanup
Fix Gift of the Serpent mastery calculation
Lot more spell cleanup (Was a lot of bad hacks/code that didn't make sense)
Pets no longer set owner in combat when not in combat yet
Fix memory leak by unassigned scripts (by TrinityCore)
Fix memory leak in InstanceSaveMgr (by TrinityCore)
Fix exploit in black market
Fix duplication exploit in guild banks
Interrupt movement at channel for creature case
Creature: Fix health regeneration. Creatures immediately reset to full health upon reaching home, rather than slowly regaining it over multiple seconds, which allows players to re-engage them at less than max health
Fix disenchant exploit with loot
Fix crash related to vehicle
Fix evade issue
Fix some issues reported by static analysis
Fix xmog issue with Random Enchantment
Optimize some functions/fix some delay
Fix slow code from copies (some std::string in args were not using const& (const reference))
Fix crash with spell
Core/AI: Fully move react state check from CreatureUnitRelocationWorker to CreatureAI::MoveInLineOfSight. This means that AI for passive/defensive creatures can now once again use MoveInLineOfSight (and fixes that weird thing where triggers decided it would be funny to attack players). Thanks TC
Performance: pass some objectguid by const reference to avoid copie
Performance: Optimize Object::GetGuidValue and Object::GetGUID
Performance: Update RecordTimeDiff ported ported (jumpspeed code ported)
Update ActivateTaxiReply enum to 5.4.8
Rewrite force of nature
Fix crash in aura type
Fix some items not changing from faction change
Fix Item loot exploit
Creature: Fix some static analaysis issue
ThroneOfThunder: small update boss Jinrokh Breaker
ThroneOfThunder: Fix NPC Conductive Water, Focused Lightning, Lightning Fissure, Statue Trigger
ThroneOfThunder: Update Spell lightning Storm, Static Burst
Fix alot of Graveyard missing or wrong issue
EquipmentMgr: Fix invalid read which prevented saving of equipment sets
Quest: Fix wrong initalized value for M_rewardCurrencyID in query response
Fix ModifyCurrency
performance log updates
Update troll start zone for monk
Fix some more item not update after faction change
Update Boss Jinroh Breaker Loot and Spirit Flayer
ScarletHalls: Fix Loot All Bosses
Update Boss Xariona Dmg
Refactore whole battlepet system
Connect some battlpet packets
Cleanup SmartAI::MoveInLineOfSight, which fixes wierd combat behavior
WorldUpdate: Renable battlepet and wildbatttlepet updates
More spell attr named
Fix saving instances to db
Rewrite trainers -
remove currency reward from boss_sha_of_doubt
Fix name query crash
Update more battlepet stuff
Implement battlepet scripts
fix cooking trainer unitialized skilline
Fix some more trainers
Fix some currency rewards
Update Currency Loot for creature and object
Remove emote hack from 3.3.5
Remove old frost nova hack
Update SpellCooldowns.dbc
Fix some more spell code
Fix some positive effect spells
Remove usage of ClientResumeCastBar
Remove dead code
Burst of speed can now be activated while sprint is up (ref
Fix stealth remove from bleeds finally
Some LoS fixes
performance log, now logs time

NOTE: Not all fixes from each version are listed here!

Changelog (1.2-1.3)

Fix Crash in Condition System
Fix Crash in Map
Fix Crash in MotionMaster
Group: Rewrite Ready check system
Fix some error logs in opcodes
Fix invalid read crash
Fix uninitalized value in ClientUpdateWorldState
Update the rest of group/party packets
fix a crash in ClientPartyMemberState
Fix ClientRaidMarkersChanged
Shadowmeld now doesn't get consumed if it was applied for only 0.5 sec
Fix issue with orientation desync with client/server
Change lock mutex from std to boost in VMapManager
Fix Crash in Spell (Frozen orb)
Updated encounter data for Temple of Jade Serpent
Implement Character Cache (Based on but some edits/improvements like zone/position storage) - Now functions that queried database each time are stored (querying database not async is bad! when you do that the database will freeze all other threads until the query is complete!! This is now fixed for some cases (like looking at guild roster and the core returning what zone they are in))
Fix FoV bug with some mounts
Shattering Throw is now interrupted by Disarm
SPELL_PREVENTION_TYPE_PACIFY should not be a prevention type for HandleAuraModSilence
Remove some usless hacks in spell
Fix crash in SmartAI
Optimize WorldObject::GetGridActivationRange
Fix big issue in urand (wasn't retuning a random number at all..)
Fix dash calculation speed
Fix Nature's Vigil
Fix soul of the forest for balance spec
Fix wild charge of cat form, now jumps correctly and dazes for 3s
Send hover packets in Unit::SetHover (will fix levitate visual)
Fix another crash in SmartAI.
SunwellPlateau: Setup instance, WIP Kalecgos (20%) (Don't even bother reporting bugs on it yet)
Fix another crash with spell in SPELL_STATE_CASTING
Fix some npc in Wintergrasp
Fix gridunload = 1 crash
Refix issue: Invite party in Roster Tab From guild window (wasn't working on linux compile)
Send ClientSetFlatSpellModifier and ClientSetPctSpellmodifier on player map change (Fixes rapture for powerword shield when you change map) :)
Fix some spellmod issues
Slice and Dice and other spell now show floating combat text
Fix lava burst dmg with flame shock
Fix black arrow, Serpent sting, and explosive shot damage
Implement SPELLMOD_GLOBAL_COOLDOWN in SpellHistory system (our cooldown system) Now glyph of deep freeze works
Move some eclipse code from unit to player class

Issues fixed:


Corrected DB updates.
Fix 2 reasons of server crash
Fix core download


Throne of Thunder SQL updates
Implement CMSG_SHOW_TRADE_SKILL, and SMSG_SHOW_TRADE_SKILL, now when a player links their profession in chat, you can view their recipes!
Fix SMSG_CATEGORY_COOLDOWN - Example: now when you have guild perk it will show you have less CD on hearth stone
Handle spell target: TARGET_UNIT_ALLY_OR_RAID, Now when you buff player in raid with kings/power word fortitude for example, it buffs the raid.
Scarlet Halls Heroic dungeon SQL Updates.
Fix Lightning strike
Fix Dancing Steel.
Fix Exploit ([Exploit] Swap weapon marco and enchant buffs)
Fix server crash in BWD
Fix getting areaid on WMO, Example: if pvp server in dalaran, they could attack each other
Fix DK runes
Fix announce command
Update world bosses SQL
Update template of jade serpent SQL
Fix autokill zone in Kunlai summit (sha of anger add)
Update scarlet monastary SQL Heroic
update mogushan palace SQL heroic
World boss: Nalak: Updated a bit
Fix group invite in guild roster ( Realm name is now dropped from party invite packet )
Fix leather specialization for guardian druid.
Fix some world boss loot that was broken.
Fix crash when player added to instance map that happened when they didnt reset old one
Fix Warlock Glyph of Soulstone
Druids now unlearn old flight form if they learned swift flight form
Fix master loot
Fix bad spell code
Fix Heal prediction of spell cast
Fix wrong spell learn on rogue level 3 eviscerate
Fix a movement crash.
Improve error output on .modify phase
Fix 131618 (Item - Mage PvP Set 2P Bonus)
Fix dampening aura showing 0%
Rewrite Spectral Guise
Rewrite psyfiend
Rewrite transendence
Rewrite duel reset
Vanish no longer stops spells mid air
Fix Glyph of Death's embrace
Enable some spells that were disabled
Fix Fire elemental totem.
Fix Item upgrade
Update template of jade serpent SQL
Presence of Mind is used with Ring of Frost, it has now delay
Fix powers (which fixes holy power)
Fix spell crit
Fully rewrite frozen orb

Fixed issues reported to bug forum:


NOTE: These are not all changes between these 2 versions, these are just a few to name

All BattleGroundPackets have been fixed - Angelic Bulwark spell fixed
There was an issue with cooldowns using an old system, this has been corrected
Wrote an anticheat (NoCheatPlus, - it's currently not yet ready, which is why you see a missing config option of it disabled) - Presence of Mind spell fixed
AoE spells can now hit inivisble targets
You can now stun stealth targets with AoE like shockwave or slow with blizzard
GM Fly/Cheat fly will now copy through map teleportation
Fix world states
Update Taxi Packets
Optimize item loading
Added result count to lookup item
Fix .invsee server crash
Port to fix spellclicks visuals that aren't actually useable by the player
Creatures now move in water with correct animation
Improve charge spell
New worldserver.conf option: Packets.ForceCharTemplate, Setting this to 1 allows you to create Pandarean race with horde/alliance right on character create screen
Fix a movement packet crash
Script spell used by (Quest is still bugged)
Script smart events for vehicle exiting and exit requests
Fix a crash caused by a battleground packet
Some fixes to
Rewrite some haste code, controlled units now inherit haste
When SMART_ACTION_MOVE_TO_POS is used with SMART_TARGET_POSITION it will now return in LoS incase it doesn't
Fix DK runes - which fix plague leech and blood tap
Lock and load no longer procs off of explosive trap
Fix frozen orb
Some movement on transports have been corrected
Hellfire Ramparts - the quest givers will now update to players faction (Alliance/horde)
Remove some duplicate NPC
Throne of Thunder has been enabled
ScriptedAI: New functions for event execution
Scripted HellfireRamparts until last boss (50%)
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Going to download it and start testing when I get home tomorrow, great release and thanks for all the hard work!


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Great work! Can you include dll files, not only SSL? My worldserver crashing right after start, logs are empty. Thank you. XD
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