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- Changelog 6.2 (Old VIP)


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Mar 29, 2014
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​This is the update list of the current VIP version, 6.2:

- Fixed Runescroll of Fortitude 2

- Fixed Training Druid in Worgen Zone
- Fixed a Gilneas Gate Issue

- Fixed Loot of Tzerak
- Fixed: Quest: Looks like a Tauren To Me (STV)
- Fixed a lot of random issues in STV, it needed it. Still some things remaining though.
- Fixed Quest: A Dish Served Huge
- Fixed Quest: Your First Day as a Pirate

- Item 36744 should have 75% drop chance
- Shaman trainer in goblin zone wasn't trainable
- Random Fixes in Durotar
- SFK normal dungeon spawns
- Fixed several of looting and creature spawn issues in the following dungeons: SFK, Scarlet Monastery Cathedral, Scarlet Monastery Armory, Scarlet Monastery Graveyard, Blackfathom Deeps.

- Several Warlock spell adjustments
- Fixed spawn of VP orgrimmar npc
- Fixed Gossip Menu of Master Siegesmith Corvus
- Omor the Unscarred Loot Fix
- Chest Loot fix, for last boss in hellfire ramparts

- Fixed Looting of Revelosh
- Fixed Looting of Obsidian Sentinel
- Fixed Looting of Galgann Firehammer
- Fixed Looting of Grimlok <Stonevault Chieftain>
- Fixed Looting of Deeprot Stomper
- Fixed Looting of Poison Sprite
- Fixed Looting of Corruptor
- Fixed Looting of Putridus Satyr
- Fixed Looting of Ravasaur Hunter

- Added quite a bit of Smart Scripts to Creatures that missed spells. Eg creature scripting, in Northern Stranglethorn Vale & The Cape of Stranglethorn Vale. Thanks to Cooler-Sai for this!
Same goes for Shimmering Expanse, as well as Ruins of Gilneas.

- For quest: "Scouring the Desert", spawned gameobjects
- Spawn the object machine, now the quest work
- Fix Quest I'm Not Dead Yet! (13229 / 13221), reworked from TC
- Fixed Quest: "It's Never Over", reworked from TC.
- Fixed Quest: "Slaves of Stormforged"
- Fixed Quest: "Is That Your Goblin"
- Management Material and Misc Fixes
- Thunderdrome Tanaris Quest Line Fix

- Blackrock Depths: Tooons of improvements, so many that I won't bother listening it here. But in short, the fixes are totally 26483 lines, so you can guess how much work there were implemented to it :p
- A few improvements to Dragonsoul, here and there. Related to looting, spawns, and the portal(s)

- Quest: "Noggle's Last Hope", increase drop rates to 100% (blizzlike)
- Quest: "Into The Maw of Madness", quest completion text
- Quest: "Noggle's Lost Satchel", missed quest object
- Quest: "The Twilight Lexicon", increase drop rates to 100% (blizzlike)
- Quest: "Glyph Chasing", quest poi (quest map objective) was wrong.
- Quest: "Breaking the Code", change drop rates to obtain a blizzlike amount
- Quest: "Breaking The Code", partial quest poi fix (70% working ish)

- Tormented Tomb-Robber, is now hostile
- Fixed loot of Trooper Uniform
- Quest 27624 - After the fall
- Quest 27541 Lessons From the Past
- Schnottz Scout, needs to be hostile
- Colossus of the moon, needs to be hostile
- Colossus of the Sun, needs to be hostile
The things below are improvements made to Deepholm:
- Update quest (All Our Friends Are Dead) to current patch - Quest All Our Friends Are Dead, and fix it while we are it
- Fixed Quest Elemental Energy
- Corrected the Chains in Deepholm related to Previous & Next Quest.
- Fix Quest: Gunship Down
- Hackfixed Quest: Quicksilver Submersion @ToDo, fix it blizzlike.
- Fix Quest: Big Game, Big Bait

- Fix Quest: The World Pillar Fragment @ToDo, fix the remaining things so it's 100% blizzlike
- Fix Quest: Take Him to the Earthcaller
- Hackfix Quest: Sealing the Way @ToDo, fix it blizzlike.
- Fix Quest: Close Escort. Should work like 95% blizzlike, only part that seems to be missing is text in the middle. @SmallToDo. & Also updated the quest to current patch - 4.3.4
- Hackfix Quest: "Sprout No More" @ToDo: Needs to have the War Guardian to follow you, @ToDo. Also must add Giant Mushroom effects on credit etc.

- Sort of fix Quest: Crumbling Defenses, like 75% working. Completeable, but missing some visual parts. @ToDo
- Fix Quest: On Even Ground - Fully Blizzlike.
- Partial Fix of Quest Loose Stones @ToDo, make it with spell hit instead of gossip hello
- Fix Quest: Violent Gale
- Fix Quest: Petrified Delicacies
- Fix Quest: A Head Full of Wind

- Fix Quest: Rallying the Earthen Ring
- Fix Quest: Fly Over
- Fix Quest: The Binding - @ToDo, script the npc with spells so it doesn't just auto-attack
- Fix Quest: Fight Fire and Water and Air with...
- Fix Quest: Beneath the Surface

- Implemented a couple of Tol Barad creature scripting. Thanks to Cooler-Sai
- Fixed some Fishing Daily Quests.

Thanks to TC Team for these loot fixes below:
- DB Loot for NPC #57910 Nalice
- DB Loot for NPC #56160 Darkmoon Wolf
- DB Loot for NPC #55656 Dreadlord Defender
- DB Loot for NPC #55503 Legion Demon

- DB Loot for NPC #55559 Crystalline Elemental
- DB Loot for NPC #55654 Corrupted Arcanist
- DB Loot for NPC #55426 Highguard Elite
- DB Loot for NPC #55453 Shadowbat
- DB Loot for NPC #55419 Captain Varo'then

- DB Loot for NPC #55106 Twilight Assassin
- DB Loot for NPC #55107 Twilight Ranger
- DB Loot for NPC #55111 Twilight Thug
- DB Loot for NPC #55109 Twilight Shadow-Walker
- DB Loot for NPC #55112 Twilight Bruiser

- DB Loot for NPC #55085 Peroth'arn
- DB Loot for NPC #54552 Time-Twisted Breaker
- DB Loot for NPC #54553 Time-Twisted Seer
- DB Loot for NPC #54555 Frozen Servitor
- DB Loot for NPC #54589 Enchanted Highmistress
- DB Loot for NPC #54590 Arcurion
- DB Loot for NPC #54612 Eternal Champion
- DB Loot for NPC #54645 Royal Handmaiden

- DB Loot for NPC #54687 Time-Twisted Footman
- DB Loot for NPC #54690 Time-Twisted Priest
- DB Loot for NPC #54691 Time-Twisted Sorceress
- DB Loot for NPC #54693 Time-Twisted Rifleman
- DB Loot for NPC #54853 Queen Azshara

- DB Loot for NPC #54920 Infinite Suppressor
- DB Loot for NPC #54923 Infinite Warden
- DB Loot for NPC #54938 Archbishop Benedictus
- DB Loot for NPC #54927 Guardian Demon

- DB Loot for NPC #54968 Asira Dawnslayer
- DB Loot for NPC #54969 Mannoroth
- DB Loot for NPC #39194 Blastshadow the Brutemaster
& Fixed some Loot Issues in Uldum.

Tanaris Fixes:
- Missing spawn npc for quest
- Missing quest giver npc, which also caused you to be stuck
-- The npc was also invisible, fix it
- Made a trigger npc invisibility.
- Spawned missing questgiver
- Fix Quest: Secrets in the Oasis Quest

Un Goro Crater Fixes:
- Fixed Quest: How to Make Meat Fresh Again.
- Fixed Condition on Super Sticky Quest as the quest-item was useable everywhere
-- It shouldn't drop the quest item as well
- Fixed Quest: "Carried on the Wave"

- Missing raptor npcs for quest, "Toxic Tolerance" - there should be more spawned
- Missing spawns of Juvenile Bloodpetal, there were only like 3-4 spawns of it
- Correct quest objectives on map`
- Sort of fix Bouquets of Death, killcredit in creature_template
- For Quest Id 24855 - Quest objective on map, make it more blizzlike

- Quest: Aberrant Flora, needs KillCount in creature_template_addon
- Shizzle's Flyer, make quest_poi more spread (blizzlike), instead of one objective
- For Quest Id 24730 - Quest object on map, make it more blizzlike
- Quest: "Gormashh the Glutinous", currently you can use it even though you are not at the boss etc, and still get credit

- Quest: "Repeairing A-Me 01" is currently auto-completiting, make it blizzlike
-- Rock Spawn
-- Drop from the item
- Fix missing Crystal, for quest: "The Northern Pylon"
-- Fix further on The Northern Pylon quest (Not even completeable atm)
- Fix position of Tara
- Gorrmashh the Glutinous, OfferRewardText

- A mangled Journal is not supposed to give the quest etc, and be dropped. It is an outdated quest, and all resources says the quests provided for it etc are not available anymore
- Missing questgiver, Torwa Pathfinder
- Missing object for the quest: "The Far of Lar'korwl"
- Fix missing npcs for the quest: "The Scent of Lar'korwi"

- Quest: "The Bait for Lar'korwi", wasn't completeable due to being bugged
- Missing questgiver
- Bonefire spawn

- Fixed Orientation of gnome spawns in playercreateinfo table
- Fixed Warsong Peon in warsong hold did not despawn or say creature_text. (Quest: Taken by the Scourge)
- Fixed - Bor's Anvil was not spawned. (Quest: Burn in Effigy)
- Fixed The "Horde Siege Tank" does not spawn as they should, when the quest is available. (Quest: The Plains of Nasam) - The vehicle is not enter-able as well.
- Fixed Warsong Honor Guard - Should not have random waypoints. And they should be dead corpses, not alive.

-- Eastern Plaguelands New Fixes (85/70 Quests Tested and Working Achievement Attainable) (Estimated Overall Zone 98 %Blizzlike) --
-- Added SAI for Creatures (Thanks to TC and Cooler-SAI) --
-- Adjusted Some of the Quest Chaining --
-- Added Quest Requirements for Fiona's Caravan Repeatable Quests --
-- The Battle of Darrowshire Quest Fixed --

-- Spawned Tarenar Sunstrike on Crown Guard Tower (Quest Giver) --
-- Traveling Companions Quest Fixed --
-- The Trek Continues Quest Fixed --
-- Spawned Fiona on Light's Shield Tower (Quest Giver) --
-- Frederick's Fish Fancy Quest Fixed --

-- Fixed Exploit on Catalysm Quest --
-- Adjusted Foreman Jerris Damage (Rare mob) --
-- Honor and Strenght Quest Fix --
-- Spawned Vex'tul on Light's Shield Tower (Quest Giver) --
-- Just a Drop in the Bucket Quest Fix --

-- Set the Correct Model for Dark Summoner and Vile Tutor to Cataclysm Models --
-- Delete Old Spawn of Rimblat Earthshatter --
-- Argent Call: The Trial of the Crypt Quest Fix --
-- Fixed Exploit on Buried Blades Quest --
-- Argent Call: The Noxious Glade Quest Fix --

-- Adjusted Slab of Carrion Worm Meat Drop Rates --
-- Remove Addon Template for Korfax at Tyr's Hand --
-- Soft Landing Quest Adjustment --
-- Victory From Within Quest Fix (Also Adjusted Phasing) --
-- Added/Adjusted Spawns on Eastwall Tower --
-- Out of the Ziggurat Quest Fix --

-- Into the Flames Quest Fix --
-- Ix'lar the Underlord Quest Fix --
-- Righteous Indignation Display Correct Loot --
-- Removed Infected Deer mounted on Gryphon --
-- Nobody to Blame but Myself Quest Fix (Phase Included) --

-- Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy Quest Adjustments and Updated Models to Cataclysm --
-- Beat it Out of Them Quest Fix --
-- Duskwing, Oh How i Hate Thee... Quest Rework --
-- Spawn Tarenar Sunstrike on Plaguewood (Blind Fury Quest Ender) --
-- Scourged Mass Quest Rework and Exploit Fix --
-- The Baroness' Missive Quest Item Drops Fix --

-- The Corpsebeasts Quest Fix --
-- Gidwin's Fate Revealed Quest Fix (Phase Included) --
-- Journey's End Quest Adjusted Phase Spawns --
-- A Fate Worst Than Butchery Quest Spawns --
-- Hero's Call: Badlands/Warchief Command: Badlands Quest Fix (Breadcumb to the Badlands Quest) --
-- Fuselight, Ho! Quest Fix --

------ Redridge Mountains New Fixes ------
-- Updated Foreman Oslow Phasing --
------ Elwynn Forest New Fixes ------
-- Remove Addon Template for Brog Hamfist On Lions Pride Inn at Goldshire --
-- Correct Equipment for Homer Stonefield --

-- Remove Equipment for Billy Maclure --
-- Correct Equipment for Gramma Stonefield --
-- Correct Equipment for Joshua --
-- Remove Equipment from Prwoler --
-- Remove Equipment From Bo And Set it to William Pestle --

------ Westfall New Fixes ------
-- Remove Lituenant Horation Laine Sleep State at the Entrace of Westfall --
-- Murder Was the Case That they Gave Me Quest Rework --
-- Removed Equipment for Sand Crawler --
-- Removed Equipment for Young Goretusk --

-- Updated Hobo Cart And West Plain Drifter as A Vehicle and Delete Old Spawns Of Hobo Cart, Hobo Goods (Poop, Boots) --
-- Set Hobo and Tree on Furblow Pumpkin Patch to it's proper Game Event (Christmass) --
-- Adjusted Phasing for Furblow Pumpkin Patch --
-- Lou's Parting Thoughts Quest Rework to Avoid Stuck --

-- It's Alive Adjustments --
-- Adjusted Position of Lumberjack Chopping to the Floor on Sentinel Hill --
-- Rework for Feeding the Hungry and the Hopeless (Now it's Much More Blizzlike 85 - 90 %, still Missing the Meat over Head Spell Effect)
-- Updated Dust Devil Model To Cataclysm and make it Not Selectable --

-- Secrets of the Tower Quest Rework --
-- Badlands Fixes (28/35 Tested and Working Quest For Achievement) --
-- It's Goat Time, Baby Quest Fix --
-- A Strange Request Quest Spawns --
-- Second Sample: Whelps Quest Raise Drop Rate --

-- Lifting the Veil Quest Fix --
-- Third Sample: Implanted Eggs Quest Fix --
-- Rhea Revealed Quest Fix --
-- Troggish Troubles Quest Fix --

-- Added Pooling for Siege Golem (Rare Mob) --
-- Added Pooling for War Golem (Rare Mob) --
-- Added Emote State for Explorer-s League/Reliquary Excavators (Visual Fix) --
-- Spawn Sigrun Ironhew (Quest Giver) --
-- Set Correct Level to Crag Coyote --

-- A Dwarf's Got Needs Quest Fix --
-- The Sentinel's Game Quest Fix (Should Be Handled in Core, 60 % Blizz, does the trick almost Identically) --
-- The Warden's Game Quest Fix (Should Be Handled in Core, Somewhat Kinda Hackfix, But player gets some instead of making it Autocompleteable) --
-- Ancient Protectors Quest Fix --

-- Adjustments on Dragon's Mouth Spawns --
-- Added Pooling For Anathemus --
-- Added Pooling For 7:XT (Rare Mob) --
-- Remove Wrong Spawns on Scar of The Worldbreaker Zone --
-- Added SAI for Most of the Creatures on the Badlands (Thanks to TC)

-- Burning Steppes Fixes --
-- Added SAI for Creatures (Thanks to TC and Cooler-SAI) --
-- Professions Misc Fixes --
-- Elixir/Potion/Transmutation Master Quests Conditions (Was attainable the 3 Specializations, Only one of the three can be completed Blizzlike) FIXED --

-- Misc Fixes --
-- Fixed Dumping Issue with .pdump load Command --
-- Summit of Fate Quest Fix (Again fixed this one, i don't know why the creature template properties gets deleted betwen releases) --
-- Adjusted Cockroach Critter to not appear like Boss type --
-- Adjustments to Some Creatures with wrong animations --

- Reworked Indomitable, Indomitable Pride trinket - now cooldown will work.
- Quest item spell 'Burn Corpse' condition
- Movement Fixed minimum speed check
- Improved Auto Attack Range
- Fixed an issue where you could accidiently miss with 100% chance in some very rare cases.
- Fixed quest: "Red Snapper - Very Tasty!"
- Fix Achievement, Gang War.
- Robinsch: Remove all raid auras on party leave
- Do not kick AFK player from BG if it's a GM

- TC: Implemented usage of QUEST_FLAGS_RAID to allow a quest to be completed while in raid.
- TC: Fix pet at rest distance
- TC: Improvements for quest Corrosion Prevention (27347)
- TC: Tom Hegger must target player in Say text
- TC: Fixed pets dont lose auras on join arena
- TC: Fixed extended spell range while moving

- TC: Do not display "lootable" sparkles for player even if others in the group still have quest items to be looted from creature.
- TC: Fix health regeneration. Creatures immediately reset to full health upon reaching home, rather than slowly regaining it over multiple seconds, which allows players to re-engage them at less than max health.
- TC: Fixed Anubarak issues related with Leeching Swarm spell
- TC: Abyssal Shatter should have a chance to skill up

- TC: Improve scripts for quests Breakfast Of Champions and A Bear of an Appetite
- TC: Improve training dummy script in Icecrown. Now the ranged and charge target dummies will cast their spells and behave correctly for the related quests
- TC: Exclude despawned creatures from being found by "nearest entry" searchers
- Implemented two new event types that are triggered when a certain creature/gameobject entry or guid gets within a given distance of the source. EG to Fix quest: "How to Make Meat Fresh Again."

- Fixed Mana Cost of Smite
- Fixed Mana Cost of Lightning Bolt
- Fixed Mana Cost of Fireball
- Fixed Mana Cost of Frostbolt
- Fixed Mana Cost of Shadowbolt

- Rewrite Scales of Life, because it had a lot of issues that are now fixed.
- Rewritte and fix the warrior stances related to the rage gaining.
- Fixed Entrapment proc on Ice Trap
- Fixed Glyph of Voidwalker
- Pet: Updated health scaling system

- Decrease Hemorrhage coefficient to aim a blizzlike scaling.
- Decrease Ambush coefficient to aim a blizzlike scaling.
- Correct Heroic Strike Formular.
- Overpower spell increase.
- Thunder Clap spell increase.
- Heroic Throw spell increase.
- Shield Slam, spell coefficient rework.
- Decrease Mortal Strike coefficient to aim a blizzlike scaling.
- Add Mutilate in core, to obtain a better blizzlike scalling.
- Fixed Venomous Wounds so that it now procs and works properly.
- Rework Bandit's Guile. Now it procs and should work properly.

- Implemented some useful conditions to the source.
- Implemented some useful SAI actions to the source to fix some quests that required it.
- Implement Dynamic Respawn Rates for Creatures & Gameobjects. Now the creature & gameobject will be based on how populared an area is. This way it will avoid a lot of people to sit around the same mobs waiting for it to respawn.

- Improved Loot for Freya and added some missing Conditions
- Improved the AntiCheat system quite a lot. Now it will kick the player properly when he uses hack. Kick does the trick for now, I guess. On top of that, it will not use the silly auras to avoid kicking if the player uses a spell that is detected as 'hack', like charge. The system will figure out if it's a normal player using eg., Charge, or an hacker.
This means that you can enable the anticheat system in your worldserver.conf without having to worry about that issue.

- Fix Quest: "Death Comes From On High". Now it will not let you move from start, but only where you are supposed to. Also the leave spell work now etc. Thanks to Sunwell for the basic code for inspiration. Little issues with texts left.
- Fix Quest: "Slaves of Stormforged"
- Fix Quest: "The Gifts of Loken"
- Got a hold of many of the db errors. The worldserver should be a lot faster to finish loading now.

- Improvements to MMAPS system & waypoints.
- Improvements to Attacking Position for creatures, this will avoid the creature being stuck at attacking phase when trying to attack you.

- Fixed a ton of Quest Completition texts. Only a few should be remaining.
- Fixed "Not received CMSG_TIME_SYNC_RESP for over 30 seconds from player %u (%s), possible cheater"


A Dynamic respawn system,
For creatures & gameobjects. Basically, creature & gameobject spawntime will be based on how populated an area is. The default spawn timer of the creature/gameobject is used, but if an area gets extra populated, our core/system will detect it, calculate the values based on different factors and divide the spawntime by X% by each extra player defined.
TLDR; It makes the respawn system on creatures & gameobject faster, if there are many players in one area around the same npcs etc..

This is running on EmuCoach Core, version 6.2. We have established a lot of great things, and we believe we can establish a lot more.
We hope, and aim on getting almost all zones working 95%+ - properly, as well as content in general. With your support towards the project and the forum it surely is possible.
- It boosts our motivation a lot, which means more fixes. We are humans too, we need motivation and for motivation we need you guys!


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