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V14 Solo/Fun Quest 28217


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May 12, 2021
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  • [Location, Faction, Race] Felwood- Sindweller's Rise, Player faction: Alliance Night Elf female
  • [Name, Type] Wanted: The Demon Hunter, Quest (Npc Feronas Sindweller)
  • [Problem Description] Quest cannot be completed. Even if you use the .quest complete 28217 command the NPC will not speak to you again Unless you have not triggered his dialogue option yet.
  • [How it should work] Quest objective is to kill Feronas Sindweller but the npc does not become attackable as intended when his dialogue option is triggered. He's supposed to fight until he reaches low HP and then become friendly again, let you turn in the quest and then offer a really nice chain of lore quests.