Some issues bug V15 Spell class


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Cataclysm V4.3.4 V15 . Some Issues I try to explain detailed on a movie i hope can be fixed

Movie :

Class (Spell) Hunter :

Description of bug: Deterrence (19263) is not ignore , dodge or avoid silence shot (34490) from other hunters , it probably happends too whit others class silences spells as counterspell from mages , silences from warlock .
How it should work : Deterrence ignore all type of spells and damage and atacks , when it is used .

Deterrence id spell wow head ( 19263 )ón

Silence shot id spell wow head (34490)

Pic / Movie (Proof):


Class (Spell) Hunter :

Description of bug : Scare beast spell (1513) when is casted to exotic pets of Beast Mastery Hunter , this pet can attack again while effect of scare beast . it happened

How it should work : When pet of hunter get this cast spell scare beast , should be able to still attack objective

Fear (sacre beast) ( 1513 ) :


Pet Hunter Spell (charge)(61685) :

Description of bug : when pet hunter use spell charge , it go more slowed to objetive and no stun 1 sec

How it should work :the speed of charge should stun 1 sec objetive and be more faster as charge of warrior class . ( My apologize cant find id i hope u can )


Class(Spell)Paladin :

Description of bug : Hands of salvation paladin spell (1038) get out or remove or cancel however camouflage spell( 90954 ) of hunter class . it doesnt matter if hunter not move anyway cancel camouflage spell

How it should work : when hunter is on camouflage spell it cant be touched or canceled by salvation paladin spell (1038)


Class (Spell) Paladin :

Description of bug : when paladin use Angel guardian and inmediatly use Repetance spell , Angel guardian still atack objetive , it interrupt or cancel cc .
how it should work : when paladin use Angel guardian and he use repetance cc , angel guardian should stop attack , to mainteance this cc repetance .

Angel guardian :(86659)án-de-los-antiguos-reyes

Repetance : (20066)