MoP 5.4.8 VIPv4.1 Playerbots


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I'm fairly confident the ai playerbots are bugged in general. Perhaps someone has a solution. They just sort of seem to stand around and do nothing in the cities. Especially Stormwind. In Orgrimmar they exclusively run between the bank and the mailbox.

Does anyone know why this is? Any advice on how to correct it so the bots(playerbots) are a bit more randomized and just sort of "explore the world"?

I have had to all but turn them off because they are simply just furniture for the city.

Similarly, is there any documentation on the auctiohouse bot? There are fields that resemble percentages in the database but no clear answer on how the bot purchases or bids on items. The pricing doesn't quite make sense as well.

Any help, tips, tricks, or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Well i agree it sucks that bots dont run around the world, if you play SPP V2 3.3.5a the bots run around literally everywhere, in MoP VIP sadly most areas are completely empty even if i have 1500 bots running. thats because the bots behaviour is programmed differently (only the creators can fix that) and they have very little spawn locations

you could add your own spawn locations but that will take quite some time so i hope those things will get improved soon