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- Changelog (9.0) - VIP Gold


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Mar 29, 2014
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- A VIP Gold release, will release as regular VIP in 2 weeks.
- You can access it here:

Changelog (Not all the fixes are included here, so more will be posted upon download release):

- 27737 "Risen Zombie", not supposed to give xp at kill. (Fixed)
- Fixed some exploits gaining XP from some creatures with instant summon.
- Rotting Hearts - fix drop of quest item
- Fixed health of Erunak Stonespeaker
- Spinal Dust - fix drop of quest item

- Affected 329 creatures - set respawn time to 2 hours for rare & rare elite NPC's. (Blizzlike)
- The Forlorn Watcher - add quest item to loot
- Removed XP gain from 38 other different creatures
- Update health, mana, faction, difficulty entry for most creatures in Blackrock Caverns
- Corrected Access_Requirement data

- Dire Maul - Pusillin - remove Crescent Key from loot
- Dire Maul - Gordok Reaver/Warlock/Captain - remove Immune to (N)PC flags
- Dire Maul - Gordok Shackle Key - item should no longer drop in game
- Dire Maul - Captain Kromcrush - fix HP, equip and SAI of Gordok Reaver adds
- Dire Maul - Stomper Kreeg - fix drop and assign quest
- Dire Maul - Knot's Ball and Chain - spawn missing object
- Dire Maul - Pimgib - fix drop
- CATACLYSM-10691: Dire Maul - Ogre Warbeads - remove drop of quest item for deprecated quest
- Dire Maul - Knot Thimblejack - move NPC to correct possition

- Maziel's Research - set 100% drop
- Creature entry: 26690, 26691, 26692, 7349, 7351, 29713 shouldn't give XP.
- Quest 14432 "A Pale Brew" Close Issue - correct loot
- Quest 14432 "A Pale Brew" Close Issue- correct loot
- An Old History Book - remove from game
- Ending the Threat - set No damage required flag
- Darkrune - remove from game
- Ruined Pattern - remove from game

- Tactical Task Briefing IX - remove from game
- E'ko Madness - remove E'ko item drop from game
- One Shot. One Kill. quest fix.
- Stalker's Chain Armor - add to vendor 21643
- Stalker's Chain Spaulders - add to vendor 21432
- Red Bandana - fix item drop
- Remove BoJ from game

- Quest 14324 "Full of Hot Water" quest fix
- Creature: Remnant of Dahlia Suntouch Dr-J waypoint fix.
- Fix targettable Blood Furnace bosses
- Quest 28582 "Hero's Call: Searing Gorge!" quest poi fix
- Improve quest Jin'Zil's Blessing by adding text on SpellHit as well.
- Gunwald Greybeard spawntime fix

- Winterfall Runner waypoints add
- Fizz Lighter spell adding
- Maxx Avalanche spell adding
- Grimy Greasefingers emote adding
- Mixi emote adding
- Doc Zapnozzle add creature text say to SAI
- More Azshara improvements by bytes, emotes, auras, waypoints, SAI, texts.

- Trade Prince Donais Every 2-3 min - Say text add.
- Evol creature SAI spell add
- Fizz creature SAI spell add
- Weepiing Soul creature SAI spell add
- Corrected damage for npc entry: 6190, 6195, 7886, 7885, 6193, 6196, 8408
- Befriending Giants - On Quest rewarded - Say Line 0

- Mirkfallon Post Scout emote add
- Removed talk option from Jibbly Rakit
- Added waypoints to Overlord Krom'gar
- Fixed Overlord Krom'gars gossip.
- When talking to Overlord Krom'gars he now stops his Waypoints and continues some time afterwards.
- Overlord Krom'gar fixed text says + emotes upon saying texts. In general, it actually does the stuff the NPC is intended to.

- Added Emote to Barshuk Heavyhammer which was missing.
- Fixed missing spawn in Hellfire Peninsular (Thrallmar): Nazgrel.
- Added SAI to Nazgrel, text etc upon quest complete of specific id.

Starting Zone - MULGORE:
- Added more Bristleback Invader and fight against the guards "Fledling Brave"
- Added emote to Fledling Brave.
- Added RequestItemText to Quest: Rite of Strength
- Added RequestItemText to Quest: Our Tribe, Imprisoned
- @TODO: The Bristleback Quilboar Watch out for the fight + other npc names with similar model!
Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K9kFgI4FqY

- Added more Armored Battleboar spawns. (Blizzlike)
- Fixed condition of Adana's Torch. Quest "Feed of Evil"'s now completeable and works as intended.
- Fixed an issue where a level 30 and level 78 spell was added to Starting trainer: Gart Mistrunner (druid)
- When using quest item: Water Pitcher for quest: Last Rites, First Rites, Chief Hawkwind now starts a text phase and some emotes.
- Removed Gossip option from Dyami Windsoar. He's only supposed to be a quest giver, not also have a general gosisp.
- Ahab Wheathhoof, on Interraction it will now choose between some different texts and actually say them to the player. Might need to improve by adding a condition to only happen if player has not completed the quest !
- Corrected drop chance of Windfury Talon

- @TODO: Venture Co. Worker, in the mine: The Venture Co. Mine, add emote and remove spawndist to some of them to make it fully blizz.
- Add creature text to Mull Thunderhorn
- Add SAI script to Mull Thunderhorn. Add script - ritual, upon completing quest: "Poison Water". Also castes Smite-a-like spell.

- Corrected drop chance for quest item: Cougar Claws
- Corrected drop chance for quest item: Stalker Claws
- Corrected drop chance for quest item: Azure Feather
- Corrected drop chance for quest item: Bronze Feather
- Corrected drop chance for quest item: Prairie Alpha Tooth

- Added SAI: Una Wildmane - On Aggro - Cast Mark of the Wild
- Added RewardEmote after completing quest: Wildmane Totem to the questgiver: Una Wildmane
- Fixed quest poi (quest objective map) for quest: A Scared Burial. Had invalid coordinates.
- Fixed Skorn Whitecloud gossip menu. Now it's possible to buy the items he sells, and he's now also working properly as a vendor.
- Corrected drop chance of Flatland Prowler Claw
- Fixed quest poi (quest objective map) for quest: The Hunter's Way. Had invalid coordinates.
- Fixed quest: The Hunter's Way. The quest is now able to turn in at the quest giver: Skorn Whitecloud.

Darkmoon Faire:
You will no longer be teleported out of Darkmoon Faire when you attempt to reach it, when the event is open!
Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage - added gossip menu, SAI, emote play, teleportation to Faire play, condition depending on faction etc.
Added Fire Juggler + fire spell + emote attached to the npc(s).
Stay Out teleport spell, now properly teleports you out.

Starting Zone - Durotar:
- Added creature text to Galgar. He will now say different texts as supposed.
- Duokna - Added script + emote + waypoint etc, and interraction with Galgar. It's basically an event that's added now.
- Added SAI Emote play to Foreman Thazz'ril within X time.
- Added SAI Emote play to Zureetha Fargaze within X time.
- Quest: Cutting Teeth, added RequestItemsText

- Added pathing for npc: Durotar Farmhand in Valley of Trials.
- Hana'zua npc: Upon completing Sarkoth, he will now say a text.
- Fixed Quest: Breaking the Chain. It now works around fully + blizzlike!
- Improved Quest: "Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile". It will now say the text and tell you to cast the totem before it uses the Envenom spell. Also improved the SAI script logically and backend.

- @TODO: Make a condition so the text only happens with the quest.
- Fixed RequestItemsText for more than 8000 quests! This fixed most of the bugged/lacking RequestItemsText in starting zones etc.
- Added quest emote to Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile, so when you are about to complete the quest from Bom'bay, it will have a RewardEmote.
- Lost in the Floods fixed. Needs re-testing.
- Added quest emote to Lost in the Floods, so when you are about to complete the quest from Bom'bay, it will have a RewardEmote.
- Added spawns for Swine in the Tor'kren Farm which was missing.

- Improved quest: Unbidden Visitors. Now it happens 95-97% of the time. Only thing that is lacking is the speed, this needs to be implemented in smart_scripts. (Working on it)
- Burning Blade Thug NPC's are now displaying quest item for the quest: The Burning Blade as objective.
- Burning Blade Neophyte NPC's are now displaying quest item for the quest: The Burning Blade as objective.
- Fixed The Wolf and the Kodo fully. Was previously auto-complete and hacky.
- Fixed Thunder Down Under. Quest was do-able but hacky, and infinite from the same creature. Improved it, added npc, robe and correct handling so it's blizzlike.
- Fixed missing spawn of creature entry 39603 (Swollen Voidwalker), 6 spawnlocations.
- All durotar quests are now tested and work well.

- @TODO: chain - Runaway shredder, from questgiver Labor Captain Grabbit - should also be added!, flag issue?
- Fixed quest chaining for multiple Azshara quests.
- Corrected drop chance for quest item: Slab of Venison for quest: "Venison for the Troops"
- The Captain's Logs: Object Azshara Lumber Pile now properly despawns after spell "Gather Lumber" from Reprogrammed Shredder is used.
- @ToDo: Reprogrammed Shredder. Should only have one spell at first, then two after "Captain's Logs" completion etc. Atm it has it all. and remove "Gather Lumber" wood spell.
- @ToDo: Runaway Shredder shouldn't attack Reprogrammed Shredder (?)

- Added missing quest autocomplete flag for quest: "Defend the Gates!"
- Added missing spell: Recharge on the vehicle Backup Shredder for quest: "Arborcide"
- Corrected level and health of vehicle: "Backup Shredder"
- Corrected level and health of Talrendis Ancient
- Fixed quest chain for "A quota to Meet"
- Fixed quest chain for "Stone Cold"
- Fixed quest chian for "Basilisk Bashin'"

- Corrected health of Explosives Stockpile
- Added script to Explosive Stockpile with spells, and detachment without attacking. (A box shouldn't attack you.. lol)
- Corrected extra_flags of Explosives Stockpile
- Fixed and improved quest: Stone Cold. It's now almost fully blizzlike. ONLY @ToDo might be to ensure spellclick if used once.
- Fixed quest Refleshfication as it broke since we moved Stone Cold to a core script. Refleshfication is now handled in core as well.

- @ToDo: Improve land mine effect at Ruins of Eldarath
- @ToDo: First Degree Mortar
- Bilgewater Mortar cannon's no longer able to move.
- @ToDo: Survey the Lakeshore, blizlike script. Hackfixed it:
- On distance, cast action_type 33, credit. @ToDo, script is to it will say text, cast spell + attach combat with creatures and give credit in the end. + Quest_poi fix-up.
- Currently it works ~~50% because the logic in the quest work, but the blizzlike part does not.

- Fixed level, health and damage of Ectoplasmic Exhaust for quest: "Gunk in the Trunk"
- Quest: Befriending Giants Fixed.
- Quest: Azsharite Experiment Number One Fixed.
- Quest: Azsharite Experiment Number Two Fixed.
- Added missing gameobject questgiver: Naga Power Stone
- Fixed questgiver flag from Naga Power Stone object.

- Added missing object: Keystone Shard for quest: "The Keystone Shard"
- Fixed orentation of gameobejct: Wrechmen Recruitment Poster
- Added text and spell cast to questgiver: Kalec upon rewarding the first quest of his.
- Fixed missing gameobject: Kawphi Plant for quest: "A little Pick-me-up"
- Fixed quest: Absorbent
- Fixed quest pop up on quest: Full of Hot Water
- Fixed missing gameobject: Stone of the Scalding Water Lords

- Added text to questgiver: Ergll upon specific quest reward
- Fixed quest: Wash Out. Upon taking the quest, a Tracking Turtle spawns as mount that moves to the quest end. @ToDo, fix swimming movement on Turtle.
- Fixed visiblity of questgiver: Sorata Firespinner
- Fixed spawn of missing gameobject: Haggrum's Smokepit
- Fixed visibility of questgiver: Haggrum Bloodfist
- Fixed visibility of questgiver: Will Robotronic

- Fixed gossip of questgiver, Will Robotronic it should not also have a gossip.
- Fixed missing bonfire in Azshara, Ruins of Nordressa
- Fixed quest: Dozercism blizzlike, scripted the remaining effects etc.
- Fix missing questitem objective from creature: Thunderhead Hippogryph for quest: "Shear Will"
- Spawned more objects: "Living Ire Thyme" for quest: "Waste of Thyme"

- Upon looting the object: "Living Ire Theme", spell: "Living Ire" will now be casted on you.
- Fixed quest: Renewable Resource
- Fixed missing quest giver object: Upper Scrying Stone
- Fixed missing quest end to quest object: Upper Scrying Stone, "Amberwind's Journal" quest.
- Fixed missing quest start to quest object: Upper Scrying Stone, "Arcane De-Construction" quest.
- Fixed quest: "Hacking the Construct"
- Fixed missing objects: "Stolen Manual"

- Fixed quest: Trouble Under Foot
- Fixed a quest crashing the server (Watch Your Step)
- Spawned missing objects: Frost Rune, for quest: The Trial of Frost
- Spawned missing objects: Essense of Ice for quest: The Trial of Frost
- Spawned missing npcs: Eye of Frost for quest: The Trial of Frost

- Spawned missing npcs: Eye of Frost Beam Bunny for quest: The Trial of Frost
- Upon interacting: Frost Rune, it will now cast the spike spell
- @TODO!: Trial of Frost, Trial of Fire, Trial of Shadow. CURRENTLY AUTO-COMPLETE!! frost: quest credit, rest all data.
- Fixed portals from Image of Archmage Xylem. Added conditions, visibility/invisiblity, etc.

- Fixed quest: Wasn't it Obvious
- Fixed gossip & npx_text of Anara
- Fixed missing gameobject Bear's Head Portal
- Fixed quest: "Easy is Boring"
- Fixed missing objects: "Briaroot Brew" for quest: "A Pale Brew"
- Fixed missing object: "Important Documents" for quest: "Diplomacy By Another Means"

- Added event text to creature: Haggrum Bloodfist
- Added event text to creature: Andorel Sunsworn
- Fixed quest: "The Blackmaw Doublecross".
- Fixed missing questgiver: Kalec, for quest: "Turning the Tables"
- Fixed loot percentage for quest item key: "Ironwrought Key"

- Fixed quest: "Halo Drops"
- Fixed quest: "First Come, First Served"
- Fixed missing questgiver: "Captain Tork" for quest: "Field Promotion"
- Fixed quest: Ticker Required
- Fixed quest: Extermination

- Fixed quest: Handling the Goods
- Quest: Still Beating Heart lacks a bit scripting
- Quest: Head of the Snake needs to be re-tested, might need some rework so it's easier for players to complete the quest.
- Fixed spawn placement of creature: Tora Halotrix
- Fixed spawn placement of creature: Sergeant Zelks
- Fixed spawn placement of creature: Military Gyrocopter

- Questgiver: Captain Tork is now level 15 instead of level 1.
- Fixed quest poi (quest objective map) for quest: Nine's Plan.
- Fixed damage of creatures: Mutant Tentacle
- Fixed quest: Nine's Plan
- Quest: Raptor Raptor Rocket, is complete-able, but very hacky. The raptor follows you instead of attaching as vehicle, and need to make a condition so it only rewards 1 at a time, atm it credits 5 times for the same entry.

- Scripted Quest Event from questgiver: Subject Nine, upon completion quest.
- Azshara Rocketway "Taxisystem" is now use-able, BUT has the following @todo:
- Everything is scripted, BESIDES the waypoints. (-> Need to correct waypoints so it will actually follow the proper route - which it is atm skipping.) AND fix end-point so it will dismount you at the final spot.
- Atm they all 4 spots goes towards the same location (waypoint issue)

- Fixed missing quest giver: "Rhea" in Badlands
- Fixed quest: Gluttonous Lurkers in Zul'Drak.
- Added many more blizzlike spawns of Infernal Attacker
- Added many more blizzlike spawns of Wildhammer Defender

- Fixed all the holidays in the Calender. They now display properly. Eg Darkmoon Faire, Noblegarden etc.
- Fixed a general vehicle core issue.
- Globally added tons of Reward Emotes to quests + Details Emotes. This has affected around ~~ 10-20K entries (quests) totally!
- Globally added ~~ 435 Sound Accepts + SoundTurnIn for quests. So eg, sound play once you turn in quest X.
-Implemented gameobject_addon to the database and core.

And the first 6 pages of Database fixes by Eyerobot:

- LKArthas (Database developer) also needs to post his fixes, so the fix list is not even done :)


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Mar 29, 2014
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More fixes for V9, VIP Gold.
Get it here by donating:

- Creature: Initiate Goldmine now casts a Water Shield on himself on a timed interval, and casts spell: Stoneskin Totem.
- Spawned more Rockslice Flayers
- Scripted creature: Rockslice Flayer
- Scripted creature: Rockslice Ripper
- Added emote: 27 to creature: Rockslice Flayer
- Added spell-aura: 86801 to creature: Energized Geode
- Scripted Creature: Deepstone Elemental & added text to it.
- Scripted Creature: Living Blood
- Corrected quest item drop of item: Blood of Neltharion
- Improved quest: Something that Burns
- Scripted creature: Magmatooth
- Improved Quest: "Apply and Flash Dry"
- Added emote 375 to creature: "Crag Rockcrusher"
- Spawned creature(s): Stonehearth Defender.
- Added emote to creature: Stonehearth Defender.
- Spawned creature(s): Emerald Colossus
- Corrected damage, health, flags of creature: Emerald Colossus
- Fixed quest: "The Axe of Earthly Sundering"
- Fixed quest: "One With the Ground". @TODO: SHOW VIDEO!
- Scripted Creature: "Avanlanchion"
- Added quest flag icon to creature: Avalanchion
- Added quest pop up system to quest: "Bring Down the Avanlanche"
- Added a condition so you cannot have two of th quests: "Bring Down the Avalanche" at once.
- Fixed quest chaining for quest: "Stonefather's Boon"
- Fixed spawn of Earthbreaker Dolomite
- Added text say in different timing intervals to creature: Earthbreaker Dolomite
- Fixed quest chain of: "We're Surrounded"
- Fixed missing creatures: "War Construct" (61 spawns)
- Fixed spawning of creatures: "Earthen Champion" (Before there was 12, now there are 130) -> blizzlike
- Fixed spawning of creatures: "Stone Trogg Geomancer" (Before there was 8 spawns, now there are 110!) -> blizzlike
- Fixed spawning of creatures: "Stone Trogg Berserker" (Before there was 32 spawns, now there are 215!) -> blizzlike
- Fixed scripting of Needlerock Rider. It now also applies a mount attached to it.
- Fixed spawns of Needlerock Riders. Before there was 9 spawns, now there are 35. -> blizzlike
- Added emote to creature: Gravel Longslab
- Added emote to creature: Rocky Cliffedge
- Scripted creature: Stone Trogg Berserker
- Scripted creature: Stone Trogg Geomancer
- Improved quest: "Battlefront Triage"
- Implemented creatures attacking each other in Fractured Front
- Added quest icon flag to creature: Troggzor the Earthinator
- Added creature text to creature: Troggzor the Earthinator
- Scripted creature (SAI, spells, text) to creature: Troggzor the Earthinator
- Added standard emote to creature: Troggzor the Earthinator
- Quest giver: Gravel Longslab will now say a specific text + emote upon quest reward of quest: "Troggzor the Earthinator"
- Fixed vehicle: "Earthen Catapult". It is now possible to jump into the vehicle/catapult.
- Rooted the vehicle: "Earthen Catapult". It is no longer possible to move the catapult/vehicle.
- Fixed quest: "Keep Them off the Front"
- Upon accepting the quest: "Reactivate the Construction", from the npc: "Pyrium Lodestone", it will now say a text.
- Corrected many spawns of: "Deactivated War"
- Corrected many spawns of "Needlerock Mystic"
- Added spell aura to creature: "Needlerock Mystic"
- Corrected health of: "Deactivated War"
- Improved quest: "Reactivate the Constructs". - Remaining @ToDo: Attack Needlerock Mystic after spell-click
- Corrected health of "Fungal Monstrosity"
- Fixed quest: "Sprout No More"
- Fixed quest: "Fungal Monstrosities"
- Added emote to quest giver: "Slate Quicksand" + Cosmetic aura.
- Added emote to quest giver: "Pyrium Lodestone"
- Fixed quest: "Rescue the Stonefather... and Flint". The cosmetic text (after killing the boss), still lacks work. Currently does nothing.
- Upon completing quest: "The Hero Returns", questgiver: "Stonefather Oremantle" will now say a text.
- Fixed positioning of questgiver: Reliquary Jes'ca Darksun
- Fixed positioning of questgiver: Examiner Rowe
- Scripted questgiver (Emote/Random talk + spell cast): "Reliquary Jes'ca Darksun"
- Scripted questgiver (Emote/Random talk + spell cast): "Examiner Rowe"
- Added waypoint to a specific guid from creature: "Twilight Crusher" to walk around - blizzlike.
- Fixed quest objectives on the map for quest: "Decryption Made Easy"
- Corrected spawn of creature: "Bound Water Elemental"
- Gameobjects for quest: "Decryption Made Easy" now properly despawn so you can't use the same.
- Scripted creature ai for creature: "Twilight Cryptomancer"
- Scripted creature ai for creature: "Twilight Crusher"
- Scripted creature ai for creature: "Bound Air Elemental"
- Corrected spawn of creature: "Bound Air Elemental"
- Corrected spawn of creature: "Bound Fire Elemental"
- Added visiual creature aura to "Bound Air Elemental", and "Bound Water Elemental"
- Fixed quest: "Decryption Made Easy"
- Scripted creature ai for creature: "Twilight Saboteur"
- Fixed an issue causing quest: "On Second Thought, Take one Prisoner" & "Take No Prisoners" to be un-available from the questgiver.
- Scripted creature ai for creature: "Twilight Bloodshaper"
- Fixed quest: "Question the Slaves" (properly)

- Implemented Creature 'fake' Combat System

- Fixed and cleaned many trash mobs spawning.
- Added waypoints to the front trash npc entries before the first boss.
- Corrected equipment to the first trash npc entries before the first boss.
- Added missing boss spawn: Halfus Wyrmbreaker
- Fixed portals/Added teleport function.
- Spawned Twilight Phase-Twisters
- Aded spell aura to creature: Twilight Phase-Twister (they now cast a spell)
- Fixed visual issues with Twilight Phase-Twisters and base them of guid spawning.
- Fixed spawning of Twilight Soul Blade
- Fixed waypoints of Twilight Soul Blade
- Corrected health of Halfus Wyrmbreaker
- Corrected gold drop from Halfus Wyrmbreaker
- Corrected health of Chosen Warrior
- Corrected health of Chosen Seer


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yeah very good repack, thank you exo!!