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    Emucoach 5.4.8 Repack - Fully reworked Playerbot System (Battlegrounds, PVP, PvE)

    I have MOP Vip. How do I make the "bots" appear in the game? because when you enter, only my character is in the game.
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    The Day that Deathwing Came (v13.1) [urgent bug]

    WowHEAD: When taking the mission, the NPC tells you a story. At the end of telling the story he asks you to go for the mission. But for a while everything disappears, when returning or leaving the mission, the Character is...
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    ERROR #132 (0X85100084) Fatal Exception! (v13.1)

    when a User is with Bots activated and another player appears in action, the game closes, but first it throws this message: once the Bot of the player who has added them is closed, this Error stops occurring. Therefore they are the bots, what we do not know is because it happens if in the...
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    Server crash and freezes (v13.1)

    I'm sorry that the google translator translated the code for me, it was a mistake, I hope you can still see what happens; the server freezes, unexpectedly only the realm can be seen but not accessed. It happens quite often and I don't know how to solve this problem. Error console: ERROR...
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    Fortunate Misunderstandings (v13.1)

    Misiion Bug:
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    WoW Database Editor (smart script SAI editor)

    wonderful!! The only thing missing is that it is also in other languages such as Spanish (I offer to translate it)
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    Stonefather's Boon (v13.1)

    In the quest Stonefather's Favor ( Stonefather's Boon - Quest - World of Warcraft ( ), the quest reads: "Grant Stonefather's favor to 12 Earth Defenders" . But, when using the Standard of the Stonefather quest item ( Stonefather's Banner - Item - World of Warcraft ( )...
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    Xariona (v13.1)

    The Npc Xariona ( not being in its place, it should be at the top of the map, due to the rocks above. importance level 10/10 Here is a video where your position is correct
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    Baradin Bastion

    In the Baradin Bastion raid The 3 bosses, their spawn time is not 7 days, but 2 minutes, in addition to the adds that are in the raid that should also be 7 days. This causes a problem since it is the easiest raid to complete and the one that gives the best items...
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    Map: Dun Morogh Zone: Gnomeregan Faction: Alliance Race: Gnome Gender: Male Type: Mission Name: Decontamination ( ) Problem: When starting the mission the character must go to the Sanitron 500 ( )...
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    [INVALID] Do the honors

    The mission asks you to use the object near the Ancient mechanism inside the chamber of the stars but when using the object the mission is not completed, it only remains saying "IT REQUIRES...
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    Just a fancy cockroach

    Mission: In this mission he asks you to kill 4 types of amethyst, emerald, sapphire and turquoise beetles, but the first one is the amethyst: It is not there, so you can not continue with...
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    The thrill of discovery

    Mission bug ( ) At the time of taking the mission you have to approach some Objects and the mission is automatically completed The problem: Going to where the objects does not complete the mission. Here is an easy and simple video to...
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    End Time

    In the dungeon ( ) The problem is the Boss ( ) at the time of killing him, the boss is giving the loot (Items), which does not correspond, as the loot must be the chest (...
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    Problem his spawn Deepholm

    Zone: Deepholm Faction: Alliance Race: Human Gender: Male Type: NPC Name: Aeonax ( ) Problem his spawn are different places of infralar yesterday I saw him at one point of one