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    no mailbox in Astranaar (VIP 13 Cata 4.3.4)

    I did the same, ty for bringing this to my attention :-)
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    no mailbox in Astranaar (VIP 13 Cata 4.3.4)

    Go to the location and type .gobject add 204952
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    Anyone else get this error on their server daily? If the worldserver.exe would close itself when it kicked out errors then we could properly use a restarter batch file with this repack.
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    [EXPLOIT!] Auth Freezer / Stopped

    This is a confirmed issue for EmuCoach
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    GEK NOZZLEROCKET Temporary Fix - SQL Replace

    Gek Nozzlerocket can break the game. There is an issue with the rocket that he spawns. Possible exploit so this is a temporary fix to keep people from infinitely spawning rockets. This will make the NPC only visable to GMs. REPLACE INTO `creature_template` (`entry`, `difficulty_entry_1`...
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    There is only one spirit healer in Deepholm. Insert these into your 'creature' table and you should be fine. I'll post more if my Beta testers find them. We have a team of 60 people testing this core. If you're interested let me know. INSERT INTO `creature` (`guid`, `id`, `map`, `zone`...
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    World Teleporter Sunken Temple CORRECTED location FIXED - SQL

    Sunken Temple Teleport location on WORLD TELEPORTER NPC 19000. It teleports you to a glitched area. This injection will fix that. REPLACE INTO emucoach_v13_vip_world.smart_scripts (entryorguid, source_type, id, link, event_type, event_phase_mask, event_chance, event_flags, event_param1...
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    The Deadmines ( 2 Boss )

    Using the same ones as everyone else, they seem to be having the problem too. Should make it easier for Exxo to pinpoint.
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    The Deadmines ( 2 Boss )

    Still having the same issue witht that boss knocking people through the walls and the floor where they fall to their death.
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    Yor'Sahj Encounter FIX-SQL

    very cool! great fix Venetica, msg me if you want to colaborate.
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    Yor'Sahj Encounter FIX-SQL

    First run this Query in your Emucoach 4.3.4 Repack Database: INSERT INTO gameobject_template (entry, type, displayId, name, IconName, castBarCaption, unk1, faction, flags, size, questItem1, questItem2, questItem3, questItem4, questItem5, questItem6, data0, data1, data2, data3, data4, data5...
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    Dragon Soul Ultraxion Encounter FIX-SQL

    Use this Query in your Emucoach 4.3.4 Repack to fix the Ultraxion Encounter. It's still long, and there is still a lot of fire, but you can find a safe place and finish the fight rather easily. This FIX put Ultraxion where he is supposed to be so the fight can be completed and the loot chest...
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    v13.1 Solocraft Raids

    Where can we get these new updates?
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    Death Knight starting zone V13 (Critical)

    I have the SQL injection to fix this. I found it on these forums. It puts an NPC next to the portal downstairs so you can get back up, this is why its a "hackfix". Anyway I've been using it for over a month, works great and designed for the repack database.