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    4.3.4 (13.1) Pet Spawning MAJOR issue (hunter, warlock, probably DK?)

    Regarding the dismiss. So basically, once you get on a vehicle, the pet should dismiss (which it does atm), but when you leave the vehicle, it should re-summon the pet? Can you give me a way to reproduce this? (eg. a quest or something so I can test the issue)? Also, please provide proof...
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    Hey! Welcome around :)
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    [NEW REPACK] 3.3.5 Wrath of the Lich King TrinityCore - v0.1 - [Official Repack]

    Yup, a stable expansion.. :)
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    [Releases] Addon Npcbot

    Tag me too when it's fixed, and I'll gladly include your addon officially on the VIP repack release :)
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    4.3.4 client [Fast Way]

    The 64 bit client is available: (Source: But it won't work well - eg. npcs will be unable to load etc
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    Problems upgrading to VIP

    The reason is that the Gold repack and VIP repack is 64 bit, while the free repack is 32 bit. 64 bit is better, and better optimized. Basically, it's complaining since the system files are 32 bit, but the server files are 64 bit. Here's a working link. (sorry)...
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    Problems upgrading to VIP

    Hi! Try to download Openssl, and replace libmysql.dll from openssl into the release folder
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    Date and Time of Events on V13 VIP server Cataclysm

    Will have an eye on it for V14 :)
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    [NEW VERSION] 4.3.4 Blizzlike Cataclysm - v.7 - [EmuCoach Official Cataclysm Repack]

    Oh wow, welcome back then! :)
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    [NEW VERSION] 4.3.4 Blizzlike Cataclysm - v.7 - [EmuCoach Official Cataclysm Repack]

    I had no issues un-extracting. Please ensure you use something like Winzip or 7z.
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    HellGarde - A true Vanilla Experience

    Best of luck with the project!