Simple tutorial on how to get client 4.3.4 without having to download a torrent.

You don't need to wait 6 hours for the 4.3.4 torrent download to be done, this will only take a few minutes, and it'll basiclly be ready to play, it's very easy, i'll guide you through it now:

Now we will have to download the 4.3.4 rar file, so lets do that:
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Now you should unzip it.
Once you did that, you'll have a folder with WoW.exe, data etc, then run the wow.exe and it'll have to load the game which takes a few minutes, that means your screen will be black and you can't do anything, just let it load.
Now it have generated the 4.3.4 files, and you should now change realmlist to the 4.3.4 server.