WoW-Bros 5.4.8 Server


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Hi ya'll I've been a long time supporter in Emucoach and their repacks I've even contributed stuff and wrote a few threads on here that have been featured by Exo!

I have an Emucoach server public right now and I'd just like people to join to have fun and pvp with me and my brother. We're both adults in our 30's so we definitely have an adult sense of humor and fun! This is super chill and were willing to give you pretty much what you want, we just like pvp, but hey if you want to do anything else feel free!
Will have a page to join our server out soon! Also you can email me at [email protected] or text me 334-200-4527.
set your realmlist to "" to join us, thank you guys and if you have any questions or need help don't hesitate to ask!
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