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Unknown Projects | LF Staff! | TC W/ Eluna Engine 335 434


Sep 27, 2014
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Unknown Projects (Unknown WoW) - Recruitment

We need you!

General Information about us:
  • Core = Will be complied Trinitycore with Eluna Engine. We will be running 335 and 434 (other expansions permitted) (Sloppy repacks are running now tho xD)
  • DB = Trinitycore DB rev: 355:55
  • Hosting = 24GB Ram , and 8v Core Processor. Dedicated Windows Server 2012
  • Current Staff "by general alias" = Kolakocide or Eplisium *me* (Founder/Admin)
  • Main contact info = [email protected] and Discord (Eplisium#0420)
  • 335 content =
    Player start level 70. Player levels up 5 levels. Then completes the storyline quest and get's ranked up to 95. You can level up either from PVP or PVE and pvp will be simply modified so if we don't have a strong player base, it would still be a effective method of expansion. Due to custom content being entered into the core, the gear will all have upgrading methods at level 95. *All ideas are subject to change due to community involvement and staff involvement in our gameplay structure.* We have plans for a well compiled I80 Server as well, but the main idea was presented first. Our Server is also supposed to represent a Server that was made in 2008 - 2010 time. Both starting locations of the factions are in Azshara Crater. All content should be scripted in both of the languages below. Make sure you post suggestions and ideas. :)
  • 434 content =
    434 is a touchy subject. Most people don't want to do it tbh. But I would and am highly trying to restart a project similar to Pleaseland wow but with non excessive p2w features. It will primarlise in our own content created through a creative and yet addictive flowing fun. Not a constant grind and not a constant boredum.

What skill sets are we scrutinizing:

  • LUA Developer = Someone who can carefully review and compile scripted content using LUA language. 0/2 *Willing to do $5 USD weekly based off work*
  • C++ Developer = Someone who can precisely review and compile scripted content using C++ language. 0/2 *Willing to do $15 USD weekly based off work*
  • SQL Developer = Someone who uses MySQL editing applications with strong knowledge around compiling querys. 1/3
  • In-game Tester = A person who is whiling to go through every crack and crevasse of the in-game content that our team provides n' default world content. 3/8 *All staff generally participate in this*
Why join our team?:

  1. As being apart of OUR team, all work you've done is credited directly to you n' your skills.
  2. Feeling accepted is great isn't it? We involve Unknown Projects staff in every event that our team partakes in. N' your ideas and suggestions are something that is highly looked at! We're always willing to implement ideas that will provide a strong, suitable structure around our content in-game and out-game.
  3. As the work you compile is credited to you and your skills, why not be accepted for a parentage of the profits? All profits are split evenly between all staff. Even the Admin's and myself. Most of the income directly supports our community and providing great pushes of updates.
Ready to expand our team?:

  • If you want to learn more about what's already done or have any other questions. Use one of our contact methods! If you don't receive a reply or a well welcomed greeting, check our reddit page.
  • We don't have a application format due to us wanting to get to know you better from actively chatting. Some requirements are presented, but we think every person should have a equal chance to getting a position at Unknown Projects.
  • Not looking for support team "atm" due to server content isn't stable enough to have clients. No clients means, no tickets.

Hope to see you on our team!

Unknown Projects - Lets start an amazing journey!

- - - Request Info - - -

Email : [email protected] or [email protected] | Discord : Eplisium#0420
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