[Quest] The Drakkari Do not feed water elements


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  • [Location, Faction, Race]Zul'drak, alliance, night elf
  • [Name, Type] The Drakkari Do not feed water elements, quest
  • [Problem Description] Drakkari water binder spawn outside the quest zone
  • [How it should work] They are supposed to spawn in the water but they spawn outside the water so it's hard to find them


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Move them using the GUID of the mob (target and type .npc info, find the ID of the mob) and GUID (GUID is very important) and move them manually to the place they need to be in the quest database (X/Y/Z coords) (MoP_World/Creature) table (NOT CREATURE_TEMPLATE!!!!!!!!!). Or you can target the mob and move to the place they are supposed to spawn and type ".npc move" command and it will move them. All of the commands are listed in the "commands" table in the database if I got anything wrong here.

Another way of fixing them is to go to the mob, and target them and type .npc remove. This will remove them from the CREATURE (spawns) database, but the template will remain. This will enable you to spawn them back in by using ".npc add [NPCID]" to the spawn points. NPCID can be found in the "CREATURE_TEMPLATE" in the world database or the aforementioned ".npc info" command.

There are many ways to remedy this situation. Beware however, any NPC that gives an "aura" (like the ghostly aura of the human ghost mobs in hellfire peninsula at the destroyed town, for instance - or the sha-infested prowler tigers in honeydew) will crash the server when you .add NPC them. It happens every time when I do it for some weird reason, and its ONLY mobs that have an aura. Any other mob without an aura doesn't do that.

Good luck to you.