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Setting up Extra Realms?


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Feb 24, 2021
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Hi, guys. Anyone know what the process would be to set up more than one realm on a repack? (Or be able to point me toward the steps to do so?)


EDIT: Reason would be to have a normal play realm and then other realms with different settings to either test or quick level, different drop rates etc. without having to leave, change the worldserver and then start it up again.


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Jan 1, 2020
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This is a bit of a delayed response to your question, but hopefully it can prove useful to you and anyone else wanting to do something similar.

This tutorial assumes all your files are in the same folder and you have one server successfully running server already. If this is not the case, you may have to tailor some parts for your specific use case.

To prepare everything, you'll need two (or more) copies of your worldserver.exe and worldserver.conf; renamed to what you want each Realm to appear as in-game. (Not strictly necessary, but it helps a lot when trying to keep track of what config and logs belong to which realm.) Make sure to change each server's start.bat file to match the new filenames you set.

[From this point on, I will use 'REALM' to represent the relative realm name for each individual server being set up. Replace that string with whatever name you've chosen for the realm being configured.]
(Note: Do NOT type the ' ' surrounding 'REALM' when inputting your realm name, the single quotes only exist to accentuate where realm names need to be set.)

Now, You'll need to edit the 'REALM'.conf file to give each server unique identifiers to avoid conflicts between them.
You'll want to find the lines below and replace the values with other (sequential) integers:
RealmID = 1
WorldServerPort = 8085
Ra.Port = 3443
SOAP.Port = 7878
For the second reaml you configure, it should look something more like this:
RealmID = 2
WorldServerPort = 8086
Ra.Port = 3444
SOAP.Port = 7879
Keep track of what RealmID and WorldServerPort you configured for each realm, you will need to use them later.

You will also need to change the character database each realm will use, so they don't interfere with each other.
These are the lines you will wish to modify:
CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;ascent;emucoach_v14_vip_char"
LogsDir = ""
PidFile = ""
This is what you will want to set them to:
CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;ascent;'REALM'_char"
LogsDir = "./'REALM'/"
PidFile = "./'REALM'.pid"

You can now save & close the .conf file and set it aside.

The following section requires interacting with the databases directly.
This assumes a basic working knowledge of how to navigate and work with SQL databases, specifically those supplied in the EmuCoach server repack. If you are not familiar or uncomfortable working with using a SQL editor, I recommend you familiarize yourself with the tool(s) a bit before proceeding.

You will first need to create a new character database for each additional realm being set up, as well as modify the name of the existing one if you elected to modify your original server/realm to conform with the suggested naming scheme outlined here. You can achieve this either by importing a clean .sql file or duplicating you current character database depending on if you desire copies of your pre-existing characters on the new realms or not.
The new character databases MUST match the name scheme set in the .conf file earlier (i.e. 'REALM'_char ).

As this is not a MySQL tutorial, I won't go into detail on database creation here. If you need assistance in doing so, I recommend searching this forum on how to transfer characters between EmuCoach release versions, or asking in another thread.

Finally, you must navigate (with your SQL editor of choice) to the 'realmlist' table of your authentication database. ('emucoach_v14_vip_auth' or equivalent, depending on what repack you are using)

You should see something like this:

Create a duplicate line and replace the fields with the information you saved from earlier (RealmID, WorldServerPort, and your 'REALM' name)

That should be it!
Restart all processes if they were running and you should now have two (or more) realms to choose from on your login screen!