Latest HD + NPC Models Patch 100% complete for Cataclysm 4.3.4 VIP GOLD ONLY


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Dear Emucoach Community, here is finally the last full HD patch release of the player models and all in-game NPCs.
A great fix finally finished for the Cataclysm client.
Also it seems to me that this is the first Patch that makes its first release of Full HD+NPC models on Cataclysm 4.3.4 (15595)

Thanks to some people I could have the will to finish it, this patch is above all a foretaste of the Community Project for the HD Client 4.3.4, if you ever want to join and share your ideas and knowledge it's this way: HERE

WARNING!!! This patch is a solo patch, if you mix patch with my other patches you may have errors.

Patch compatible with DirectX9/11

- Character creation templates
- Some custom race wallpaper changes
- All Vanilla icons up to the last update of Shadowlands 9.1.5, you can use to make your custom server, you can use Wowhead to set them and also in game for new and beautiful Macros.
- The rest of the last NPCs in game are fixed
- Icons for character creation, races and classes in HD.


If this is the first time you install a patch you need the Wow.exe + the patch DLL to make it work.
download Here :
Just add it to your Data folder, before launching the game please clear the cache.

Don't hesitate to let me know your impressions and report any bugs, enjoy and good game to all on Cataclysm4.3.4

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Amazing work man