[Quest] Jade Forest Questbug masterlist


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[Location, Faction, Race]Uldum, Night elf, alliance
[Name, Type] Masterlist of broken quests
[Problem Description] 1. Do the world a favor
2. Exploding Through
3. On to something
4. Tipping the balance
5. Just a fancy cockroach
6. Do the honors
7. Under the choking sands
8. The prophet hadassi
9. There are two prince nadun npc
10. The vizier’s vote
11. The high commander’s vote
12. Pit of scales
13. Salhet the tactican
14. The defense of nahom
15. The curse of tombs
16. A.I.D.A communicator (artifical intelligence quest)
17. Fusion core missing
18. Salhet’s gambit
19. A lot of the mobs hit like trucks
[How it should work] 1. Quest doesn’t start when you kill two mangy hyenas, can’t complete quest.
2. Right clicking barrel doesn’t complete quest
3. Accompanying harrison jones doesn’t give objective
4. Can’t talk to harrison jones to do quest objective
5. Missing quest
6. Can’t use orb to finish quest, missing ancient mechanism but it’s there
7. Quest giver should give quest
8. Quest giver should give quest
9. One npc
10. Quest giver should give quest
11. Quest giver should give quest
12. Quest puts you in another instance and makes all npcs disappear have to relog to get npcs back
13. Scavengers dont spawn so you can’t complete quest
14. Can’t talk to sergeant to start the defense
15. Quest giver doesn’t give quest
16. Item won’t start quest, says missing requirements this also means you can’t do any of the aida quests
17. Fusion core should be here to give gnomebileration quest
18. Quest giver should give quest and higher ground secured objective can’t be completed have to be able to talk to ranger captain
19. I never played vanilla cataclysm but I think the mobs scaling is way off, they hit like trucks almost every npc I ran across in this zone, I had to run a 5 man dungeon comp for this entire zone.