InsaneWoW 2.4.3 TBC Warsong Ultimate Server


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InsaneWoW presents to you the best realm worldwide, balanced fun server.

Our World of Warcraft Fun Private Server is gearing up for a grand return!
Get ready for epic battles, thrilling quests, and the camaraderie of the gaming realm.
To the newcomers, prepare to explore the corners of Insane WoW, uncover secrets, and create memories that will be remembered for ages.
The realms are about to come alive once again!

Server features:

- Custom Patch.
- Leveling up - 1 to 200 level.
- World Chat.
- VIP Chat.
- Custom Teleporter.
- VIP System.
- VIP Commands.
- Custom VIP Gear.
- Custom Visuals.
- Working Battlegrounds & Arena.
- Custom Gems & Enchants.
- Working Professions.
- Balanced Classes.
- Custom Instances.
- 10 000+ Custom Items.
- Custom QUEST's.
- Custom Instances and Raids.
- Transmogrification.
- Professionally Developed -
- Custom Events that can be played on lonely.
- Custom World Bosses.
- New Zones.
- Special Morphs.
- Lots of PvE & PvP.
- Various Custom Malls.
- Arena & PvP Team.
- Vote Rewards.
- VIP , EVENT and VOTE Items.
- Donation Rewards.

Greetings, Insane-WoW adventurers! We're excited to bring you an extraordinary opportunity to earn fantastic rewards. Brace yourselves for a frosty adventure and a chance to acquire individual FREE custom items with which you can improve your game with our CUSTOM made items.

How to earn custom items?

For every 10 invites, you'll be rewarded with 1 Custom Item. Here's the catch - the more friends you bring to our realm, the more items you accumulate.

How can i invite my friends ?

1. Choose the invites channel on Discord.
2. Click on "Create Invite".
3. Share your Invite Link to your friends, so you can get counted in ⁠invites channel.
4. As soon as you reach 10 invites, contact @Chripsstarz or @Lenettick for the Custom Item.

*If you are not in the Discord Channel yet, ask someone in-game to invite you or write below the post.

Join the Insane-WoW Invite Contest now and let the blizzard of invitations begin! May the most dedicated adventurers claim the grandest rewards! ♥

Best regards:
Insane-WoW Staff

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