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Im not complaining but ..


MoP Premium
I noticed they are several peoples on the forum and discord that have issues to install the server . (Key /license issue )
When i install my servers i take the drive to my main computer to install it , and then move the drive to the server that is in another room . Can that cause the issue "
Wrong Loggers configuration. Review your Logger config section.
Creating default loggers [root (Error), server (Info)] to console" ? The reason that i do that is that my main have 3 screens so i could to other stuff when compiling .
When i ask about a new key that could take days . You could update the guide that say dont to that and dont do this.
I bought the MOPVIP 8 days ago and still havent played the game yet . Im 100 % a linux guy and im using opensource as much as possible . But this project caught my eye and then im ready to spend money on it . I hope someone can help me here or on discord . Sorry for my bad English , it is not my native language .
Im Linux on discord -