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FrostwingCore 7.3.5


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May 19, 2018
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Coming soon is going to be a repack for legion and myself has been the only developer working on it, the core is based off of LegionCore (uwow leak) and has tons of fixes that legioncore or uwow never head and i am looking for testers to report any bugs before i release version 1. Every couple weeks there will be a core (worldserver.exe) or SQL uploads to make sure you always have the latest fixes.

DM me if you want to be considered for testing a beta version of this repack.

Fixes on this core vs LegionCore (its not a copy/paste repack as people might say)
https://github.com/dufernst/LegionCore-7.3.5/issues/97 - fixed in this core
https://github.com/dufernst/LegionCore-7.3.5/issues/94 - fixed

plus many more in the future.