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[FIRESTORM SOURCE LEAK] - 548/547 MOP - Based on Jadecore


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Oct 23, 2018
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Another leak has arrived. I am not responsible for this, I am simply sharing it.
This time, I am here to present you with the rather recent source of Firestorm (https://firestorm-servers.com/en/) 5.4.7/5.4.8.
It's the source code itself that is being shared, and may be useful to see how they code things, give you some information on the process and you can even find many useful fixes here. (Again, I take no responsibility)

Enjoy: Firestorm 5.4.8 source code
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It was leaked by a developer in private, and handed over. The developer will not be named here for obvious reasons.
Is this repack 5.4.7 core based or 5.4.8? This is important because you can't find full 5.4.7 client nowadays.