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To report a bug, please make a new thread, using this format:​

  • [Location, Faction, Race]Map name,And area name if possible, Player faction, Horde Or Alliance. The name of your race. Ie Undead, Human, Ect. If applicable include the gender as well.
  • [Name, Type] Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps, Item
  • [Problem Description] It summons the Tentacle of the Old Ones and the tentacle uses melee combat.
  • [How it should work] The tentacle should use the spell Mind Flay
You can also apply an image if you can not explain your problem in words.​

Item/Spell/NPC/Quest/etc, must be linked from http://mop-shoot.tauri.hu

All Reports MUST use this form, or the report will be noted as invalid. While we truly appreciate the bug reports, it needs to be sorted out properly in such a way that it is also user-friendly for the developers.

NEW: When creating a report please include as much information as possible that will help the devs, meaning stuff to reproduce the issue (like commands used), race/class used, and a video always helps! Also if possible include a video of correct behavior!
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