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    can someone suggest whats emulator is best for vanilla wow?

    hey guys i was wondering what emu is the best or what repack is the best and how is stability in wow vanila wow emu , can someone tell me details and link me some of them , thanks guys!
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    hello guys ! :)

    hey guys my name is Zuka,im 21 yeas old. im here to get in touch in wow emu cuz i love gaming and codding. i was pro gamer in world of warcraft (multi gladiator,i was psheros partner in 2s) and in league of legends (3-4-6 season chall) sometimes i was streaming: Twitch also my goal is to make...
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    v11 (hottfixed) orgrimmar grunt direction bug

    [Location, Faction, Race] orgrimmar,horde,undead [Name, Type] orgrimmar grunt direction [Problem Description] when u are asking to give you transmogifaction or something else directions its doesnt. [How it should work] it must give you directions.
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    v11 (hottfixed) Stormwind ship bug

    [Location, Faction, Race]Stormwind city,alliance,human [Name, Type] stormwind city ship to borean tundra [Problem Description] sometimes another ship comes and doesnt let you travel to borean tundra. [How it should work] this another ship must not come .
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    is it possilbe to translate 4.3.4 client to my langugage?

    hello guys,is it possilbe to translate 4.3.4 client to my langugage?i mean im from georgia and blizzard doenst have this is it possible to mod wow 4.3.4 client and translate it?if yes is there any guide?
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    hello , i think emucoach must sell source for vip golds only,it will make project more serious cuz when there is only repack some ppl dont looking it serious at all.
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    - Changelog (10-1) (VIP)

    im just trying to support forum this fixes aren't mine. 10.1 changelog tons of fixes. Changelog post: -- Misc & core & db fixes -- Grim Batol: - General Umbriss no longer turning around when casting Blitz. - Azureborne Warlord no longer spawned adds by Conjure Twisted Visage are friendly. -...
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    planning to make priv server.

    Hello guys ! im planning to make private serv so i need good source wod or legion (depends on offer, im still thinking which expansion will be better) , + im looking for devs. i got budget 10k$ so if u think ur proffessional and u want to join in our team leave a replay of ur discord and we...
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    i've purchased vip gold

    hey guys i have purchased vip gold so how can i have accses to vip section?ty