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    FusionCMS Donation Module WORKING 2020

    legal bom saber
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    web developer - warcrycms

    Any web developer willing to solve bugs and otimazer warcrycms? send your proposal by PM. thank you
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    Old Template - Monten Wow

    Old Template - FusionCms Coded by E. Darksider Link: Removed
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    Template WarcryCms - ObsidianWoW

    TEMPLATE - WARCRYCMS OBSIDIAN WOW PSD Skype: michellleandro or [email protected]
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    FusionCMS - Theme RTK-WoW

    Theme RTK-WoW Designer: Kjanko Codificado por: Darksider Respiration by Nightprince LINK: MEDIAFIRE
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    FusionCMS - Theme Monster-WoW

    Theme Monster-WoW LINK: Hidden content
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    FusionCMS - Pandaria Theme

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    Module Payment Pagseguro

    Hello, I would like to request cooperation from you for the development of a "pay-back" payment module with automatic return to the warcry cms site Donation: US $ 25 US dollars EXEMPLE ( Part 01 Part 02 Part 03 Contact...
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    Pagseguro - warcry cms

    delete this topic please
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    Alterac Valley Normal

    how to make alterac valley like a normal map using database trinitycore
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    Module - PagSeguro

    Hello, I would like to request a collaboration from you to develop for me a pagseguro module with automatic return for the website warcry cms donation: $25 dollars
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    Fusion CMS - Promotion module

    Perfect for when you want to attract new players and provide clothing, coins, mounts, level, and more ... With this module the promotion is automatic and 100% configurable. also has an anti abuse system. FEATURES - Fully configurable. - Specify maximum days after registration may take take...
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    WarCry CMS Development Here

    Like many warcry there, I can not say that this warcry is 0% or 100%, everyone helps everyone to test and we will continue this fabulous work. I'm sorry for the translated language, because I'm Brazilian and I'm not fluent. WARCRY + DATABSE LINK 1: 4SHARED LINK 2: MEDIAFIRE