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08-24-2018, 03:38 PM
Hello,Everyone We are PlagueAdvertiseX And we offer Good Server Advertising.

Discord: PlagueAdvertiserX#0210 & Yannk#6518

-What GameServers are we advertising?

-We advertise <> Minecraft & World Of Warcraft Servers <>

-How do we do it ?

-This Depends on the Plank You will Pick,We got Plans 5-50 EUR And Custom Plans that you can make on your OWN by offering us a Price.

-Your Server Will Get Published in Discord Servers Of minecraft gaming Which are mostly Private Servers That guarantees you around 50k Views of the message
-Your Server will be Published in Forums That Guarantees you around 30k Views
-Your Server Will Receive Daily Message To Minecraft Players.

-Every Plan Has Different Views on The posts and Different Daily Message to Players.​