View Full Version : Content after content ver. 2.0 ;)

06-21-2014, 06:12 AM

I know that I did a topic about releasing content on server one after another, but it was rather dumb idea. Rather than doing that, I was wondering if it's possible to release Catactysm's content one after another, so starting off with first Cata raids and dungeons, then Rise of Zaldalari content (patch 4.1), then Rage of Firelands (patch 4.2) and finally Hour Of Twilight (patch 4.3). My question is this: is it possible to make the server behave as it was on earlier patches than it is atm (4.3.4)? That the newer raids, dungeons, quest hubs etc would be unavaible/closed and be opened/avaible when the time comes?