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  • 3.3.5

    10 5.88%
  • 4.0.6

    4 2.35%
  • 4.3.4

    59 34.71%
  • 5.0.5

    6 3.53%
  • 5.1.0

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  • 5.4.8

    87 51.18%
  • I will reply!

    4 2.35%
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    I was 1 of the I will reply voters. lol I stole what I typed earlier on a post. This, is what I would LOVE to see, but to do it? Would take a "from scratch warcraft". Not sure if anyone is that good. It would probably be overwhelming. lol

    I would LOVE to add the new character classes, and areas. But less the more "selfie "awards for every little silly thing", more work required to level like old warcraft, and the actual WOLK type skill trees reemplimented and weapon skill leveling. "in other words, add the new without changing/ruining the old [keep it in the oldschool theme]" {No buy it, earn it on 1 - get it on everything? no buy 90-100 be a supernoob, period. was a teen-adult game, not barneys preschool} (the addition of the weapon leveling at advanced levels would be ok) But I imagine this would be a hellish nightmare to do. Would pretty much be recreating warcraft FROM SCRATCH! So add it all, but keep it "old school"? xD lol
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