Hello everyone at EmuCoach!
We have 2 exciting new releases for you! Both are something you've been asking about and asking for, for a while now.
We are releasing our very first, official Mists of Pandaria repack, for free! See below for details on how to get it!
The second release is something we were very nervous to create, and that is a public discord server. We always wanted one, but new it would drag away site activity, as it has done to many sites in the past.
That is why the discord server will be mostly for VIP Gold members. We have yet to decide if VIP members will get any features, but as of now, the only free features available are for WoW meetups, and reporting directly to staff.
The discord server is a work in progress, and some features may be changed in the future. The link to the server is down below!
If you join and are a VIP Gold member, send me a PM telling me your nickname on the server, along with your discord name, then @ me @Mr. Satan) in the server so you're easier to find.

We've been working very hard to get this repack stable enough for a release, and we're proud to call this our official v1 MoP 5.4.8 repack!

We've even decided to release the first version to the public, for free!
All we require for regular members is to have 10 posts, and to be registered for 5 days. VIP members and staff do not need these requirements.
We believe this to be a fair system to help prevent simple leeching, and to attempt to get users to stay and build a community.
Any user who spams their way into 10 posts to be able to see this repack will be permanently banned by me, @Mr. Satan, with no chance of appeal.

Before we get to the repack features, we first have to discuss something. We know we went past our due date on the project, and we absolutely apologize for this.
We wanted to be sure the v1 was ready, but several issues kept popping up. We kept trying to use data from Cataclysm to help speed up development, but this causes more issues than it solved.
We ultimately decided that we would have to build this repack on it's own, which is the biggest thing that's slowed us down, as we planned for it to be released with Cataclysm's data.
With the release of VIP v10, I had to lend a hand to help fix a few bugs, even though my available time is already limited to outside responsibilities.
Due to the major delay in time, we have no problem releasing the v1 MoP repack to everyone, without any delay between VIP and the public release, as we want to show you our commitment to the community.
While the repack may not look like much to the average player without a lot of quests and areas working, we hope it shows promise to those who will stick with us through it's development.
You've seen what we can do with the Cataclysm repack and how far it's gotten, and we ask that you give us the time to do the same with the Mists of Pandaria repack. We promise it will be worth the wait.

You can view the repack release here:
[NEW RELEASE] 5.4.8 Blizzlike Mists of Pandaria v1 EmuCoach Official Repack

Here is the link to join our official discord server:

(Keep in mind, we're still very skeptical on this. We could end up deleting it within a month, or 4 years)
We would love to make the discord server public more than anything, but it would kill site activity.
The whole point of this discord is to try to bring the community closer, while still being on EmuCoach.

Thanks to everyone for your patience, and dedication to EmuCoach,
Mr. Satan