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Cataclysm V10 and MOP v.1 - Release Information(?)

Dec 31, 2018 - 4:41 PM - by ExO
ExO's Avatar
Hi guys,

Addressing the topics:
- Cataclysm - V.10 release (VIP)
- MOP - V.1 release

The Cataclysm, V.10 (VIP) was set to be released during christmas,
But unfortunately some bugs have appeared that I want to fix before releasing to make the version v.10 really worth it!

This means that it will be released some days after start of January when New Years has been celebrated.
Expecting Cataclysm V.10 (VIP) to release between January 4-10th.

The MOP, V.1 was set to be released during New Years Eve,
But with the un-expected extra bugs that needed priority on Cataclysm the MOP had to be delayed until Cataclysm has been released.

This means that it will be released (AFTER CATACLYSM, so I can have some extra time to 100% focus on MOP, as I want to make some fix improvements).
Expecting MOP v.1 to release soon

Sorry for the extra delay boys and girls, but I want the releases to be smooth, well working and totally worth it.
I do under no case want to release bad/poor quality.
But keep in mind MOP will be in beta release (meaning that many things will be bugged cause it's the first MOP release)

Happy new years everybody, remember to enjoy it!
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[Password Reset] I Lost my Password?! What to do? - TUTORIAL

Aug 25, 2018 - 11:19 AM - by ExO
ExO's Avatar
This explains what you should do, if you lost your Password to Emucoach and cannot login.
Please follow it carefully.

1) You create a new Emucoach Account.
2) You send me (ExO) a PM with your username.
3) Right after, you send a mail to: [email protected] FROM the mail that is registered/used on the Emucoach account.
4) I confirm, and send you a new strong password you can use to login.

5) You are now back into your old Emucoach account.

NO, you cannot use the "Retrieve password". Mail server is disabled for security purposes.
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Mist of Pandaria REPACK, 5.4.8 News [27-07-2018]

Jul 27, 2018 - 7:52 AM - by ExO
ExO's Avatar

Dear Emucoach Users,

The day’s 27th of July. A new Mist of Pandaria repack update is in place. You heard right!

Today, Artamedes and I have some new features to show, some new information and we’re happy to tell you that we’re much closer to an actual release of the MOP repack. More information about that included later in this thread. The development team has done massive amount of fixes to the core. Even fixes that aren’t even seen on a 5.4.8 or 5.4.7 emulator or repack.

Recently we’ve reached above 2000 commits. Yes you heard right, 2000+. I think, at this point, it shows how serious we are about delivering a proper Mist of Pandaria 5.4.8 repack to you guys by our development team and Emucoach. And the best part is that even when the repack gets released, we’ll still be updating it on a daily basis and Emucoach will have version releases - just like Cataclysm. Our progress has been focused on quite a few things - and this includes opcodes from 5.4.7 to 5.4.8, structure fixing, spell fixing, movement fixing and soon enough - world fixes as well.
Now we’re planning to do something big. And that is to import our Cataclysm content to MOP and start on a fresh. This means that most of our Cataclysm world fixes will be imported to MOP. This includes quest fixes worldwide, creature scripting, creature events and texts, creature emotes, spawns etc - things that the Emucoach team has worked really hard on for Cataclysm (and will continue) that are planned to be included for MOP as well.

ETA: 5.4.8 Mist of Pandaria Repack
I want it now.. Now.. now! We understand you do. We want to release it as much as you want to use it and play on it. We still have to finish the last things (Opcodes, structures and import the Cataclysm content). Emucoach plans giving a specific date shortly in a new update, but I can promise you it’ll be shortly. Eventually a month or even less depending how it goes. That means we could be talking weeks, and up to a month.

New Login System
In our MoP repack we will have a new unique feature. Emucoach login system.

Now what is this login system?
When you first open the mop repack it will ask you to login to your emucoach account. Based on the information you entered, the repack will determine if

1) you have an account at emucoach
2) you are a special rank on emucoach (supporter, vip gold, any rank)
3) if you are banned on emucoach

With this information stored, the repack will determine how it should run. With VIP features, or veteran features for people who have had an account on emucoach for a long time. VIP features has not been decided yet nor has veteran features. We could take suggestions for it though! Maybe some custom scripts can activate.

From the developers

Incase you are interested in the behind the scenes of development, of how things are coded here is a few examples:

Packet System: https://pastebin.com/hBAv8FLH : if you have some knowledge of basic coding you can see how we are doing our opcodes. I won’t go too much into detail, but the way we are handling opcodes is through OOP (object oriented programming), this way we can easily edit opcode structures no matter where they are used by just editing the stand alone packet file, if for example they are wrong. This also helps keep track of amount we updated, and such. Here is a screenshot of our packet folder https://i.imgur.com/SOpKimG.png , some files in this have over 2000 lines of code, and others not complete.

Development Progress: Our development team works on mop every single day. We average about 30 commits a day since the past few weeks. Which helped us reach 2000+ commits in no time at all. Sometimes we work until 6 AM time, just to deliver the best possible experience.


Well as a summary mop is in some hardcore development. At emucoach we don’t want to release some average repack, but instead be the best and stay the best. A release ETA will come soon, hopefully very soon!! Please respect the amount of hours and sweat that is put into our repacks. We also don’t want to use stock scripts either from the default JadeCore, so after cataclysm content is imported, we will spawn the mop content, and start scripting it too! (This means pve content, like quests, raids, instances etc++) Thank you!

We are open to any suggestions that you guys may have. And ask any questions you may have (as long as they are reasonable!) Artamedes and I are happy to answer any emulation development/programming question too!

Best Regards,
ExO & Artamedes, Emucoach.com
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