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What is Internet Latency and How to Reduce it Like a Pro?


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Sep 7, 2016
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Internet latency is the secret enemy of internet (broadband) users and slows down the superfast internet connections. If you are a broadband user and looking at the listed download speed that service providers are proudly advertising is actually half and other half id latency. In this article, you will learn about connection speed and how it is measured, what is internet latency and its main causes with useful ways to reduce it.

What is Internet Connection Speed and How to Measure it?

It is the speed of data transferring between your devices and the internet – it is also known as bandwidth. There are two types of Internet connection speed:

Download Speed: Or receiving speed is known as the rate of information travels from the internet to your browsing device. Receiving emails or downloading any video or programs, visiting any webpage would be examples of downloading.

Upload Speed: Or send speed is known as the rate of information that travels from your browsing device to the internet. Sending emails and uploading any documents or pictures would be examples of uploading.

The connection speed depends on a number of factors such as the type of connection either fiber or copper cables, line quality and the distance from the cabinet.

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