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Here's How You Can Coach More People, Make A Bigger Impact And Earn A Ton More Money In A Lot Less Time
Whether you're just starting out as a coach or you've got all the clients you can handle, you can radically increase your income, your impact and your free time by offering group coaching programs your clients can't resist.
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The Group Coaching Success Program
How to Design, Market, Fill and Deliver Lucrative and Rewarding Group Coaching Programs. Even if You Are Brand New to Coaching Groups

This comprehensive, step-by-step program gives you everything you need - the tools, templates, systems, resources, guidance and support - to quickly get up to speed and be on your way to a more lucrative, leveraged and lifestyle friendly coaching business.
You don't need to waste your precious time trying to figure out how to make group coaching profitable and fulfilling for you.
Forget about feeling lost, confused or uncertain.
Because I've done all the work for you!

Module #1: Design Your Coaching Group
What are the secrets for creating a group coaching
program your ideal participants will find irresistible at any price? Here's some of what you'll find out.
- How to identify, find and connect with your ideal group participants.
- The perfect topic or focus for your group so people can't wait to sign up.
- The best structure for your group so it's a perfect fit for you, your business model and your target market.
- How to price your group for maximum profitability and accessibility.
- How much content you need. and what to do if you don't have any of your own.
- Bonus items you can include to stand out from the crowd and increase the value of your group.

Module #2: Market and Fill Your Coaching Group
Get the insider secrets and proven systems to effectively market and fill your group programs, including:
- The proven marketing strategies that make attracting and enrolling participants a breeze.
- How to make that essential emotional connection so people don't think twice before joining your group.
- The trick to creating special offers and calls-to-action that motivate people to say YES on the spot.
- What you need to include on your sales page to get the best results possible.
- How to handle registration logistics so you don't lose people during the enrollment process.
Plus. customizable templates and scripts for your sales page, email promotions and more.

Module #3: Set Your Group Up For Success
Discover the most efficient, hassle-free ways to handle the management and administration of your group so it runs like a dream.
- How to set up your registration and sign up process.
- The various ways to collect payment and how to choose the best option for you.
- The secrets for getting the people who sign up to show up.
- The technologies you need if you are running a virtual group. and how to choose between all the different options.
- How to allow the group to influence the agenda while still keeping your sessions on track.

Module #4: Group Coaching Skills and Secrets
Develop the critical core group coaching skills you need to confidently lead and coach your group. in person or by phone. even if you've never coached a group before.
- Learn how to leverage your current coaching skills in the group environment.
- Discover a fool-proof strategy for handling challenging participants and situations.
- Know exactly what to do in the first session to start your group off strong.
- Create the perfect framework for your group sessions so they run without a hitch.
- Understand the critical importance of establishing group guidelines and ground rules, and how to get participant buy-in.
Plus, you'll also discover what you need to do differently so you are super successful when coaching groups within companies and organizations.







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