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  1. KingKhulgar

    3.3.5a Blizzlike Full project sell/transfer

    Curious to chat but could not add you on discord Kingkhulgar#8079
  2. KingKhulgar

    [WTS] Mists of Pandaria Source 5.4.8 with 400 commits

    I'd be curious to chat with you about this KingKhulgar#8079 on discord.
  3. KingKhulgar

    Hellscream is Recruiting a Strong Team for a Long-Term Creative Project

    Garrosh, our flagship realm, is a PVE Blizzlike Wrath+ realm that gives players access to a multitude of content at level 80 including a complete selection of heroic dungeons and raids, new quests, recipes, items, reputations and so much more. Our mission is to revitale Azeroth, Outlands and...
  4. KingKhulgar

    [PAID] Adding C++/Lua Dev to Wrath+ Project Team

    We are specifically looking to add team member who is passionate about playing Wrath of the Lich King specifically, preferably live in a North American time zone, speak proper English effectively, and have reasonable experience working with C++ & Lua. Experience with pet and/or vehicle-related...
  5. KingKhulgar

    Looking to add C++/Lua developer to our team

    In January, I started a project called Hellscream, unrelated to any other Hellscream project. I decided on the name Hellscream because that was the first server I played on until the end of TBC when we moved our guild to Area 52 due to population challenges which coincidentally makes it very...
  6. KingKhulgar

    Garrosh - HellscreamWoW - PVE Wrath of the Lich King

    Join the fastest growing, non-toxic WoW Community on the Internet! Imagine a US-based server where the Euro's LOVE it and the ping times ain't bad either. HellscreamWoW! On January 5, 2024 our team compiled two realms. Grommash, which serves as our test realm, and Garrosh, a live...
  7. KingKhulgar

    (2021/2022 UPDATED) Mists of Pandaria Blizzlike Repack (v.1) | Emucoach Christmas/New Year Edition

    85 pages of stoked replies and I'm stoked to add to them! Thanks for the legendary work, team!