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    [Other] Felfalme demonology incorrect tooltip

    [Location, Faction, Race] horde, undead, warlock, Demonology spec [Name, Type] Fel Flame, Demonology version, spell [Problem Description] tool tip is reading dmg value for generated demonic fury [How it should work] should display the demonic fury it would generate, or the spell should generate...
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    Addon Playerbots

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    [NPC] MoleMachine in BRD not warping player

    im not sure what your talking about, im referring to the mole machine in the entrance of BRD that has an optic to warp to just past the grim guzzler when using RDF.
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    [Other] RBG queue not working properly

    [Location, Faction, Race] horde side, tested on level 10 goblin and level 54 undead [Name, Type] Random Battleground queue [Problem Description] clicking join battle will work and put you into queue, when queue pops an you git accept it does not port you into a battleground [How it should work]...
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    [NPC] MoleMachine in BRD not warping player

    [Location, Faction, Race] BlackRock Depths, Front entrance [Name, Type] MoleMachine, NPC [Problem Description] when selecting an option on where to take the machine to it does not move the player and text stays open [How it should work] player should be warped to the selected part of the...
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    [Other] Immmolation Aura granted to early

    [Location, Faction, Race] Demonology Warlock, Horde, Undead [Name, Type] Metamorphosis: Immolation Aura, passive talent [Problem Description] hellfire always changes to immolation aura in metamorphosis [How it should work] spell should remain as hellfire until acquiring level 62 and unlocking...
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    [Other] Axe Toss Bug

    [Location, Faction, Race] Demonology warlock summon, Felguard [Name, Type] Felguard: Axe Toss, demonology passive [Problem Description] felguard has axe toss at all levels [How it should work] felguard should not have axetoss until the warlock gets to level 53, and earns the ability tied to...
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    [Quest] "Rank and File" bug

    [Location, Faction, Race] Scarlet Halls [Name, Type] Scarlet Crusaders kill, Quest Objective [Problem Description] killing scarlet crusaders within scarlet halls is not adding to kill progression of the quest. am currently on my 5th partial run and still at 0/50 [How it should work] killing...
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    [Quest] "Liberate the Kajamite" bug

    [Location, Faction, Race] Kezan, Kajamite mines just east of the headquarters building [Name, Type] Kablooey Bombs, item [Problem Description] when using the bombs on the kajamite ore deposits nothing happens [How it should work] the bomb should blow up the ore deposit leaving behind a number...
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    [Other] Demonology gets doom at level 10

    [Location, Faction, Race] Horde, Undead, Warlock [Name, Type] [Metamorphosis: Doom], spec Passive [Problem Description] effects of this passive are active at level 10, when in meta state corruption is converted to doom [How it should work] corruption should stay and be uncastable until level...