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    Request for fixes in v14

    Can these fixes be checked and if ok, be implemented in v14 release? They work for me, but I have only a single server for testing. -correct blizzlike timing for World Events see attachment for the SQL export which I use in my game -more mailboxes in Ironforge Add mailbox...
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    ERROR #132 (0X85100084) Fatal Exception! (v13.1)

    I think it to be a client issue. I recommend to try to download Cataclysm client with a 32-bits wow.exe. Instead of the (according to the name) 64 bits client. I read somewhere on the internet that 64-bits WoW client is causing issues.
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    no mailbox in Astranaar (VIP 13 Cata 4.3.4)

    if you want the mailbox to have the same look as in Darnassus, use this object ID instead: .gobject add 188123
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    V13 - As Hyjal Burns - ID 25316

    Nice! Thank you for your time and effort in fixing this!
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    v11 Bugged Troll Quest 24814 "An Ancient Enemy"

    Nice! Thank you for your time and effort!
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    Warpwood Pod / Runn Tum Tuber (VIP V13)

    Nice! Thank you for your time and effort!
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    v13 Playerbots

    yes, guilty here! I was confused by the terminology. Thanks for explaining the difference. So, getting back ontopic about playerbots: how do one set them up? Would be nice to fill the settlements with some 'players' to make the cities look and feel less empty...
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    BUG Quest: Back to Basics (Darnassus)

    on version 13.1 Gold, the Rice Baskets are clickable by player and converted after some time, but the quest does not update the "0/6 Practice Making Rice Flour" As a GM, the quest DOES update the "1/6 Practice Making Rice Flour" Some ID's I have inventoried: Questgiver Alegorn ID: 4210 rice...
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    Sunwell Plateau - Kalecgos (v13.1 Gold)

    [Location, Faction, Race]Sunwell Plateau, Horde, Blood Elf [Name, Type] Kalecgos and Sathrovarr the Corruptor, boss [Problem Description] Sathrovar is green/friendly to the player in the spirit realm ( inner veil) and can't be targeted/harmed/attacked [How it should work] When Kalecgos reaches...
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    Sunwell Plateau - Kil'jaeden <The Deceiver> (v13.1 Gold)

    [Location, Faction, Race]Sunwell Plateau , Horde, Blood Elf [Name, Type] Kil'jaeden <The Deceiver> [Problem Description] In phase 2, the boss can't be targeted/harmed/attacked [How it should work] The boss should be an enemy target Phase 1 To start the encounter, the raid will pull three...
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    Difficulty penalty bug (Emucoach Gold v13.1 Cataclysm v4.3.4 november 2020)

    Confirmed that restarting the server solves the issue. Disabled solocraft and LFG solo for now. The issue happened too often for my comfort, unfortunately. I use bots again to do instances.
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    V12 Exit/enter dungeon

    I noticed the same result in Deadmines when I used v13.1 Gold using Solocraft's Random Dungeon Finder and died. Played Lv19 Alliance Gnome Warlock, entered Deadmines solo, got grabbed by second boss ( Helix Gearbreaker) which I couldnt escape and died. Re-entering the instance, the bosses and...
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    Boss Bug - Deadmines - Helix Gearbreaker

    confirmed in v13 VIP not tried yet in v13.1 GOLD
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    v13 Playerbots

    @Littlehelper1987: thanks for sharing.
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    v13 Playerbots

    Update: in worldserver.conf I found a "damage multiplier increase" for your NPCbots. The number can be set between 1 and 10. I personally found 1 being too low (NPCs don't do enough damage) and 4 too high (Zul Farrak was a walk in the park).
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    Difficulty penalty bug (Emucoach Gold v13.1 Cataclysm v4.3.4 november 2020)

    @ExO: where is the "exit solo dungeon setting" (Left (location), difficulty =5) registered? Is it registered in the database, and can the setting be manipulated by the server owner? Or is the setting registered in worldserver.exe/sourcecode? OP plays on the server I set up. I tried GM settings...
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    Date and Time of Events (v13 VIP)

    Excellent. Thank you. If you need an export of the DB table how I configured it, let me know, I'll send you the file.
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    Date and Time of Events (v13 VIP)

    I just opened database "emucoach_v131_vip_gold_world" and in the table "game_event" I see the same begin times: 2000-12-31 17:00:00 I fail to see the logic why these aren't set to Blizzlike dates?
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    Date and Time of Events (v13 VIP)

    I solved most of the issues* by using HeidiSQL and opening Emucoach_v13_VIP_world > Game_event > Data > start_time for example: Winter Veil is changed to 2020-12-15 06:00:00 *STV fishing is working properly now, as was the Halloween event. Still have to investigate Kaluak Fishing contest tho...
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    Warpwood Pod / Runn Tum Tuber (VIP V13)

    [Location, Faction, Race]Feralas, Dire Maul, Blood Elf [Name, Type] Warpwood Pod, container. contains runn-tum-tuber [Problem Description] None found in all three wings of Dire Maul [How it should work] spawn Warpwood Pod