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    4.3.4 VIP Entering Raids

    Is someone able to assist with entering raids in the VIP version? I cannot enter any raid, i cannot pass the barrier at entry doesnt tele etc. Tried with no party, full paryt and a raid group. Tried GM on etc nothing. Is there something I have to enable? In config I do have level check off.
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    Cata 4.3.4 Client Config Issues

    Hi guys, I am having a major issue with the Cata Client and the VIP server. I downloaded both cata clients full torrent and auto downloader. The auto downloader when running the exe gives an error "cannot stream required archive data. please check network connection". Cannot start the client...
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    Not New

    Not a new member but trying to become active. Started playing wow repacks beginning 2018. Now I have more free time so starting to get back into it.
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    WTB - SP Mists of Pandaria

    Hello, I am wanting to purchase a stable working MOP server for single player. Not interested in a running server simply for the purpose of playing that expansion. If anyone could please contact me via PM or Discord sirjecht#3088 Willing to pay well for proper files, please dont waste my time...