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    [PAid] need 4.3.4 cataclysm Dev

    Hello, looking for a coder who can work on a haste patch and a teleporter system (item wise) on 4.3.4
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    how to make custom map or duplicate and remake

    hello someone link me any tutorial for learn how to make or change map for tirnity 3.3.5
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    cmake error on debian

    hello someone know how to fix that error Determining if the pthread_create exist failed with the following output: Change Dir: /home/test/testwow335/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeTmp Run Build Command:"/usr/bin/make" "cmTC_e7e5b/fast" /usr/bin/make -f CMakeFiles/cmTC_e7e5b.dir/build.make...
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    Ways of accepting donations

    Hello, I wonder which is the best way of accepting donations to a private server, since I've heard that PayPal is risky. And if anybody knows a way of handling a business account for different systems, hence I can't register a private server as a legal business to provide documents. Thanks in...
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    vendor,trainer trinitycore 3.3.5

    hello friends, plz somene tell me how i can make trinitycore 3.3.5 npc learn spell and vendor too plz
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    LF a dev for 3.3.5a ! (PAID)

    Looking for a developer who can build 3.3.5a with some extra content ! Contact me for more details. We're paying ! If anybody recommends a good developer please don't hesitate.
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    need a trinitycore 3.3.5 developments

    hello i need a trinitycore developments for 3.3.5 servers . pm me for more details what i need.
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    party loot

    Hello, i have a question. How can i make drop shareable so that every player in a party / raid can loot it ? Thanks in advance
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    clear all base frob old characters and bug items

    hello, i want to clear my trinitycore base from accounts with characters question and everything . where i do that i take a something wrong because after delete all and make new account with new character have a items in bag or used or make a paladin and i have a druid spell what can i do plz...
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    recieved item from site

    hello, i have a question if you have time of course. i have a web-site and i want to connect it to my server to that players who purchase things on the website they get it in game. everything else is connected properly such as registration etc. but i can't get a purchased item in game. once...
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    xml file change

    Hello, i'm using this file which can add 25 custom items at the same time, but i need more space and can you change it so i can add more like 150 maybe? And is it possible to make it not to give dots in item.db2 while opening it in edit++ ...
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    hello, i want to make custom server with custom item how i can remake any repack or installed files if i want to change attack speed make haste cap or something? what is better core trinity or arcemu cant install arcemu make too many bug. and trinity can change attack speed can i download any...
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    wow 4.0.6 create item and patch

    hello, i want to make my server i have a trinitycore(skyfireemu) for 4.0.6 and want to make new item (wep,gear or something) and its dont work where i added becouse need patch or something. who can tell me how i can create my db new patch for open evrything. write me o ncomments or link me...
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    where i can download wow 4.0.6

    hello. plz link me i want to donwload wow cata 4.0.6 and all links are remove plz send me one work
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    problem with core start

    hello i have problem where i running server authserver.exe warning me about sql check image. and cant select real in game