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    [WTS] Azerothcore | Crossfaction BG module

    Hello, As title says, selling module for Azerothcore Crossfaction BG's. As Crossfaction BG's patches around are not working and break more stuff than should on Azerothcore, months ago my team and i started developing a system, nearly from scratch using as reference old code from several dead...
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    | WANTED | Monthly paid job, developer for 3.3.5a & 4.3.4 realms |

    Hello, We're the owners of a private server opened since 2010, we offer a monthly paid job (with punctual salary each month) for a developer for our 3.3.5a and 4.3.4 realms (mainly 4.3.4), answer to this thread if you're interested and we will PM you. Demonstrable experience and seriousness...