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    Why did you leave Retail?

    The shift from an environment that was very alt friendly to a huge grindfest in legion shut the game down forever for me among other.. insults.
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    Honorbuddy for Mists of Pandaria!

    Darn, I was hoping this was a addon, does anyone have any idea where I could find Addons for MoP?
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    How to fix: Cannot stream required archive data / WoW Error 134 for 4.3.4 Cataclysm

    We appreciate your dedication, Cata is an awesome expansion so excited to play this!
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    WoW Player/Admin Discord Bot

    Thanks Jada! very appreciated. It's scary sometimes to think wow is dying for good these days and so seeing any new developments relating to wow, however scarce. is always a nice thing to see.
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    Favorite Board Game?

    I am fairly sure the monopoly fans are just saying the most well known game and never actually play it. if anyone plays a common game it is likely UNO. However my personal favorite is called Egyptian Senet, it's one of the oldest known games in human history and involved equal parts skill and...
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    looking for somone to pass the torch too wow 3.3.5 server

    Sorry to hear that it did not work out, but of course you can stay positive that players still have a passion for it.
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    STOCK RELEASE - CMaNGOS 4.3.4 (x86) - Database - Files included

    To all looking for an update, this post and project was never finished and all assets have been removed.
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    [Emulator Release] FrostwingCore - based from ArcEmu

    Thanks for all your hard work, it is nice to see such passionate players that still care about the community.
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    AzerothCore: new project based on SunwellCore/TrinityCore

    You might try to pitch this idea to the Smolderforge Team and join together, that server is popular.
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    Creating custom items

    You could try an MPQ editor for the model changes, I am not very sure what you are trying to accomplish but hope that helps.