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  1. darkonio

    server crash battleground lv 20-...

    So I noticed that the whole server crashes when trying to que for a battleground in the middle level like 20- ... The battleground opens, but as soon as the button for entering appears, the whole server crashes.
  2. darkonio

    server crash in random dungeons level 15- ....

    So I experienced a server crash that happens during dungeons when bots get a level up, sometimes it can happen that the whole server crashes, I had this now two times in a row. please look into that.
  3. darkonio

    (2021/2022 UPDATED) Mists of Pandaria Blizzlike Repack (v.1) | Emucoach Christmas/New Year Edition

    I am really impressed with latest Mop V4.1 update Everyone who loved mop and is interested in single player should give this a try. Hope we can get a much more stable v5 in the near future. keep it up.
  4. darkonio

    worgen starting zone no endgame?

    Its literally the last quest of the worgen starting zone called „endgame“
  5. darkonio

    druid tank bot bear form

    weird for me the druid bot just attacks without his form and can't tank shit because of that, even at lv 85
  6. darkonio

    worgen starting zone no endgame?

    I really love the worgen starting zone it is nearly perfect and much closer to retail than anything I saw before. But why is the last endgame quest not scripted, uwow spp legion somehow managed to do it, now its your turn, I was kind of disappointed to see it not working because so many other...
  7. darkonio

    Darkmoon faire island when is it coming?

    As heavy as this core is scripted it still lacks the darkmoon faire, not one single game works here, would be awesome if we could start paying attention to it again since it is a major feature that was added in patch 4.3
  8. darkonio

    druid tank bot bear form

    The druid tank bot doesn't change into his bear form, so he can't tank properly.
  9. darkonio

    dungeon bots lv 85 need to be stronger.

    The bot group you get when queng for a dungeon at lv 85 is way too weak and they wont do enough damage to support the group and also get taken down way too fast. They either need to be buffed massively or learn some tactics about certain bosses. But bots from lv 15-80 seem to be working quite...
  10. darkonio

    Resetting all instances manually? (MoP Premium Repack)

    Try".i u all" or". u i all" That should do the trick.
  11. darkonio

    Cata V 17 massive problem worgen starting zone (exit vehicle)

    There is a problem as soon as you exit a vehicle in the worgen starting zone. You always get ported to the mud fields in the foothills of the hill country
  12. darkonio

    low level dungeon bots

    So this is just something that I have witnessed for some time now. It seems like when doing low level dungeons like shadowfang keep the tank bot dies very easily or the enemy npcs just do way too much damage to a point where the healer can't keep up. It would be awesome if the bot developer...
  13. darkonio

    [NPC] PlayerBot - MISTWALKER - BUFF Legacy of The Emperor Overload

    bump, needs to be fixed, can be very annoying.
  14. darkonio

    Quest A new Friend animation issue

    So this is nothing gamebreaking or is it? well you can still complete the quest, but I noticed that the animation when you play with the spirit ghost, takes way, way.... too long, should be looked at again.
  15. darkonio

    quest warchief's emissary

    should be an easy fix, just create a gossip smart script or quest that teleports you to the given location.
  16. darkonio

    Mop V4 death knight starting zone?!

    Thank you I am trying my best to help, hope it doesn't bother you that I post so much. But I think stuff like starting zones are really important as it is the first impression for new players, I am really not nitpicky and I let certain things that are wrong like missing dialogue slide, but it...
  17. darkonio

    Mop V4 death knight starting zone?!

    So what happened to the death knight starting area, why do we start in stormwind or orgrimmar?, is it really that broken at this current time or why does this teleport exist? should be corrected in future updates for blizzlike purposes.
  18. darkonio

    worgen quest sacrifices

    Thank you
  19. darkonio

    the quest "the suffering of shen zin zu"

    Thank you appreciate your effort.
  20. darkonio

    Pandaren starting zone gate not opening

    No problem but you forgot to tell me about the balloon that one needs some serious rework or at least more way points.