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    [NEW REPACK] 7.3.5 LEGION WoW Repack - WoW Legion 7.3.5 Repack - Blizzlike & Fun

    so awesome! excited to try this out
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    HD druid form for MOP 5.4.8 In development

    these look awesome!
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    [RELEASE] WoD HD models for 4.3.4

    This is awesome... ty
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    WOW-C.COM - Online Item Creation

    man.. got me all excited but the site is down? :(
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    simple account creation help

    I was interested in this but it seems to be in php 5, have an adapted version for 7 or higher?
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    4.3.4 Emucoach Weapon Creator

    does anyone have a working version of this? such a neat concept
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    BlizzCMS Theme [ver.]

    nice, thank you!
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    Project: Client 4.3.4 (15595) in HD Mode is closed, it will be done in private.

    I sent you a friend request on discord
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    Project: Client 4.3.4 (15595) in HD Mode is closed, it will be done in private.

    Hi Jivani19, Can I join you in working on this? I may need some help getting brought up to speed but I'm very interested in joining this. Let's connect on discord if you're still around or interested on working on this? It's very lame the community didn't pick this up... as it's wildly awesome...
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    LASTWOW Website Release! [FREE DOWNLOAD]

    excited to test this out, thanks~
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    [NEW VERSION] 4.3.4 Blizzlike Cataclysm - v.7 - [EmuCoach Official Cataclysm Repack]

    where is the latest download? I'm so annoyed with going in circles on this site trying to find something I paid to get access to... Maybe user error...
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    A General Help Guide

    If I had access to this page, it would have saved me a lot of time setting up originally....
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    Count To 2.000

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    Cataclysm VIP Version 15 Repack - CHANGELOG LIST | OLD VIP Release

    need the latest link pls! going around in circles on this site!