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  1. Gwim

    Cata V17 VIP - Accounts

    Hi there. ^^ This is the default admin account. The login info is actually provided. But to save time, the login is admin / admin You can change these login details by typing in the world server "account set password admin passwordhere" don't include the quotes " "
  2. Gwim

    Quest bug - Prisoners of war text spam

    VIP Cata 17.1 The game repeatedly spams the following text to the player after accepting the quest - If the player uses the item, clicking it again does not toggle the effect. The player must manually right click on the "spell" up top on...
  3. Gwim

    Quest bug - Surveying Equipment NPC doesn't show up

    Cata Repack VIP 17.1 In Lakeshire, there is a quest that becomes available after doing some of the others that were available. After completing the quest "return of the bravo company", An NPC appears by the campfire offering the...
  4. Gwim

    Errors in world server log file

    It's nothing to worry about. But if you want to stop the spam, the only way is to disable playerbots in the world conf as they're the cause of it. But as ExO has said in similar threads, it's nothing to actually worry about.
  5. Gwim

    4.3.4 client [Fast Way]

    Much thanks