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    Errors in world server log file

    I know this is not much to go on, but my world server log is filling up with errors like these. Is there anything I can do to fix these? SmartAI::Endpath: WP ID 3 check for crash SCRIPT_COMMAND_CAST_SPELL ('waypoint_scripts' script id: 203) no target unit found for spell 33806...
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    Player Bots with Dungeon mechanics

    Can the Player bots in Cata v17 be setup to better preform in 5, 10 and 25 man dungeons with the respect of the boss mechanics in the instance? This may be a long shot I know. IF so how is this configured?
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    Running two Servers from a single DNS ?

    Yeah I am still lost .. LOL
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    Setting up Extra Realms?

    is this in the world.conf on the server side, or somewhere on the client end? Now, You'll need to edit the 'REALM'.conf file to give each server unique identifiers to avoid conflicts between them. You'll want to find the lines below and replace the values with other (sequential) integers:
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    Running two Servers from a single DNS ?

    I think I found my answer, going to work off this post and see if it works for me..
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    Setting up Extra Realms?

    Nice I think this answers me question I just posted.. LOL
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    AH bot V15 not working

    Hi Erza, I ran into this as well. Memory serves me right it is disabled by default, and you have to turn it on. Look in the worlserver.conf file below the AUCTION HOUSE BOT SETTINGS there is options to enable this for buying and selling etc.. and what type of items to sell as well.. Hope this...
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    Running two Servers from a single DNS ?

    What I would like to do is run the VIP version on one Server and the VIP Gold on another server. From the Client be able to select what server to play on. Has anyone done this yet? Basically 2 separate servers.
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    [Trinity] Registration & Status page for 4.3.4

    Looks like I may need this ;)