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  1. remamakiller

    Zygór Classic, Retail, Private servers

    Thank you very much for the contribution
  2. remamakiller

    Portable Server For MySQL/Apache/PHP | Updated For 2022

    I would like to know how to change the port that apache asks for, 80 to 8080. Can you tell me the route? Thank you very much
  3. remamakiller

    What country are you from?

    Nacido y viviendo , en el pais , campeon de america y del mundo Uruguay
  4. remamakiller

    Login screen Dragonflight For Cataclysm 4.3.4 (VIP member)

    Hermoso aporte Muchas gracias Sorry, I speak Spanish Beautiful contribution Thank you very much
  5. remamakiller

    Naaru's 3.3.5a Blizzlike Repack Reborn 1.0

    Excellent contribution, thank you very much
  6. remamakiller

    BFA Free Repack

    The rest of us are not to blame for what some ignorant people say. Those of us who value their work, now we are harmed. Reveal your position, post the link again and leave your followers happy. Let ungrateful people drown in their own venom Greetings
  7. remamakiller

    Npc bug 289 is perfect npc and faction
  8. remamakiller

    64bit Legion client version wanted

    all wow versions on this website
  9. remamakiller

    Legion HTML Website [NO CMS]

    excellent contribution
  10. remamakiller

    5.4.8 Battle Pay Shop

    Excellent contribution Thank you very much
  11. remamakiller

    (2021/2022 UPDATED) Mists of Pandaria Blizzlike Repack (v.1) | Emucoach Christmas/New Year Edition

    I add the fix, of the undead, so that he appears dead on the ground, as in the official one. Now it appears like this and it is not as it should be In npc 49044/agatha, add in ScriptName = npc_agatha And revive the...
  12. remamakiller

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Cheers Emucoach people
  13. remamakiller

    Npc vendor 5.4.8

    Good people : By any chance , anyone has , the sellers of set , weapons , add-ons , rings , well ....for everything ,Pandaria 5.4.8 Thank you very much
  14. remamakiller

    [Trinity] Vendors for 5.4.2/5.4.8 MoP

    Links Are Dead Does Anyone Have a Copy Of this To Re Upload Please ?
  15. remamakiller

    Stuck on "Connected" - both with my server and my friend's server

    Most of the time, it appears conetando and does not connect. It is the client's problem It is not the right client, which needs that server.
  16. remamakiller

    BlizzCMS Theme [ver.]

    Muy buen aporte Muchas gracias
  17. remamakiller

    Kription-WoW 255 Fun Repack (NOOB FRIENDLY)

    Your work is excellent If you update the source, it would be one of the best custom repack at the moment.
  18. remamakiller

    Kription-WoW 255 Fun Repack (NOOB FRIENDLY)

    I have this server on my pc, running and never infected anything. The only thing wrong with it is that the source is very old, nothing else. Don't talk nonsense
  19. remamakiller

    CLOSED 5.4.8 Blizzlike Mists of Pandaria - v1.7 - [EmuCoach's Official Repack]

    Have you deactivated the updates of this repack? If so, it would be nice to hear from you.
  20. remamakiller

    Update repack v7

    I wonder .... If in order to have the latest updates of the emucoach vip repack, you have to be a donor and get a license .... Why don't they release the V8 or V9 or V10 updates? It would be more interesting for emucoach followers, who can not donate and have a server 4.3.4 better than V7 and...