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    Emucoach Announcement | MoP Premium 4 Release Date | Cataclysm VIP 17 Release Date | Happy New Years!

    Awesome, looking forward to both release. Thanks to everyone involved in both projects.
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    Loot problem

    MoP introduced area of effect looting, where all nearby mobs are looted at once. Sounds like this is what is happening when you are expecting to loot each mob separately.
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    5.4.8 Battle Pay Shop

    Is there anyway to change where it says it will be charged to? I'm just wanting to edit the wording So far haven't found that setting anywhere Has anyone found a way to have the shop charge gold instead of the default listed currencies?
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    Emucoach presents: New custom forum theme!

    Loving the new look so far! Just noticed that MoP Premium is no longer purple like previously.
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    Count To 2.000

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    Zygór Classic, Retail, Private servers

    Thanks, much appreciated
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    Zygor Guides for MoP (Levelings/professions/pets/mounts)

    Thanks, will check this out
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    Cash Shop Pandaria 5.4.8 WIP

    Awesome will be giving this a try out. So what is the currency for the items or is it currently just nil cost when you purchase it? Is it possible to to change the currency to gold?