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  1. Mike_GM

    Repack Legion 7.3.5 Actualizado 2021 Marzo

    thanks for this release!
  2. Mike_GM

    Menethil | Classless 3.3.5

    Menethil | Classless 3.3.5 - Closed Alpha Testing March 3rd 2021 Welcome to the Menethil Classless 3.3.5 server. Menethil is a classless server powered by AstoriaCore that allows you to create the class of your wild dreams. Players that join the world of Menethil will be called...
  3. Mike_GM

    [3.3.5] Working Honorbuddy - WOTLK - WoW 3.3.5 Honorbuddy

    gonna try this out! thanks :)
  4. Mike_GM

    [CMaNGOS] 2.4.3 Friendly Repack

    Thanks for the release! Very helpful for the people not knowing how to compile <3
  5. Mike_GM

    Mists of Pandaria 5.4.7 Repack npcbot(BAD)

    I'm curious to see how playable this is! Thanks for sharing <3
  6. Mike_GM


    Thanks for the leak <3
  7. Mike_GM

    [Release] Mond-WoW Source+precompiled binaries

    Been looking for this for ages! Let's see if the download links are still up :) EDIT: links are down sadly :(
  8. Mike_GM

    [RELEASE] Mond-WoW Database Leak

    Thanks for sharing! Cheers :)
  9. Mike_GM

    Legion Server 7.3.5 - Seasonal Realm Announcement

    Legion Server 7.3.5 - Seasonal Realm Announcement Dear Champions. Today I'm happy to announce the future of our small server 'Legion Server'. First of all (for people that have no clue who we are) a little background of our project; We are a small private server running on the...
  10. Mike_GM

    Legion Server 7.3.5 - Solocraft - Instant 110 - PVP/PVE

    Legion Server 7.3.5 Legion Server offers a unique 7.3.5 experience including client download. We currently have a small playerbase but continue to grow slowly but surely, with staff trying to provide 24/7 player support and making sure the experience is as you would expect from a team of...
  11. Mike_GM

    What was your first experience with WoW private server?

    Hello Emucoach community! I recently joined this community after finding it on r/wowservers! Got to say, I love the work that people are putting on here and sharing with the community to use for us! My first experiences with WoW private servers started back in 2012/2013 on Molten-WoW, at the...
  12. Mike_GM

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone on Emucoach! My name is Mike (ign: Zenzas) I've been playing retail WoW since 2006 but got bored of the current game, so that's how I stumbled upon Emucoach! Basically I like the old versions of the game way more, so I'm excited to see what I can find here :) If anyone has any...