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    Login screen Dragonflight For MOP 5.4.8 (VIP Member)

    Possible to have it for 3.3.5? Thanks a lot for your work!
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    Aura Mastery not Working [v14]

    Problem is still there, as i can see
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    Bug "Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration" Class Druid V14

    Check out your bug report format: you should use in order to be considered, or w/e it's called.
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    Aura Mastery not Working [v14]

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    DTR Working in a Fake-Way

    Just to be clear, left one of the picture is EMUCOACH v14, the right one is the working one on another server
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    DTR Working in a Fake-Way

    [Location, Faction, Race]Everywhere, Horde, Troll, both Druid (Balance) and Shaman (Elemental). [Name, Type] Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest, Item [Problem Description] DTR is working most likely as it should, but all the damage are duplicated as "Wrath of Teracgosa", and not as the spell itself...
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    Raid Difficulty Settings Do Not Work

    I can confirm this, i was about to open the report today when i just noticed orangefire did. This is making most of the PvE content unplayable in the meaning of progression in HC. As a person who bought this repack to test in preparation of a team, it's very Major.
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    Aura Mastery not Working [v14]

    The fact is not working on resistance it's truly the biggest of the problem tbf.
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    Aura Mastery not Working [v14]

    [Location, Faction, Race] Durotar - Orgrimmar - HORDE - Male Blood Elf Paladin [Name, Type] Aura Mastery [ID 31821], Spell [Problem Description] Aura Mastery is not increasing by 100% any of the auras. [How it should work] It should double the amount of Resistances (Resistance Aura) - mount...